Feed Your Blog To Improve Alexa Rank Quickly – 10 Recipes Here!

Feed Your Blog To Improve Alexa Rank

There are many ways to improve Alexa rank quickly. But newbie bloggers don’t know about Alexa and they do not try to improve it. Alexa rank is important for an advertisement to attract advertisers to your blog/site. In blogging, ranking is an impotent factor to improve your blog.


I have my personal experience when I started the blog I don’t know about Alexa and traffic rank. After a study on SEO, I learned about it and I improved it very well :). That’s why I will share my experience with you.

There are many factors to judge a blog/site improvement and rank by Google page rank, Alexa traffic rank, MozRank, and many more. Try my 10 recipes and see Alexa Rank Improvement.

Improve Alexa Ranking Quickly – 10 Recipes

1.) Download Alexa Bar

First, go to the Alexa toolbar page and download the Alexa bar and install it in every browser which you installed on your pc.

2.) Add Alexa Widget In Your Blog

Place an Alexa widget on your blog/site to attract more people to add click on it and when people do that your rank will be improve. Go to  – the Alexa widget page

3.) Increase Your Site Traffic

This is impotent to increase site traffic to get more readers and bloggers on your site. Alexa track only those people who installed Alexa toolbar in our browser. When they visit your blog Alexa tracks them and improves your rank based on those people visiting rate. Now share your site with bloggers and also convenes your readers to install alexabar.

4.) Comment On a High PageRank Site Or Blog

Commenting on another blog to make backlinks for your blog. This is the best way to make backlinks. And link building is a good strategy to improve your reputation. Now the question is how to get more links. One of the easiest methods to get links is to check well-ranked sites on Alexa and leave a nice comment there with a backlink to your site. Although the link will be “no-follow”, it will certainly drive targeted traffic to your site.

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5.) Make Your Site Up To Date

Being up-to-date means adding content on your site daily. Daily publishing fresh content makes your site fresh and google crawls your post fast. Google loves fresh and updated websites that give fresh information about a particular niche.

6.) Social Promotion

Share your post and content on social networking sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Pinterest. Get more and more like, comments, shares, and retweets. It improves your content and site rank high and also gets the #1 position in the Google search engine. Google also sees social activities.

7.) Content Is King

“Content is King” – High-quality content ranks well in search results. Hence, if you provide quality content to your readers, your organic traffic will increase which will improve your Alexa ranking.

Write problem-solving articles, provide required information and make your content grammatically correct. Use any Grammar checker to make your writing flawless. Your readers will love the way you write and you’ll get more social shares which is again a good social signal for a blog’s success.

Always remember, social traffic helps to improve Alexa ranking quickly. so, focus on writing high-quality content.

8.) Increase Blogger Traffic

Increasing blogger traffic means sharing your blog post with bloggers and SEO experts because those all have an Alexa toolbar. If you want to boost your Alexa then increase blogger visitors. alexa only notices which visits have an Alexa toolbar. If you get lots of traffic from bloggers then you see your Alexa increase 300% in 1 day.

9.) Submit Your Blog Into Web Directories

Alexa tracks your backlinks as well, so the more links you’ll have pointing to your site either direct or deep it doesn’t matter much, you’ll get noticed by them which will increase your web rank. This will also help your SEO campaign as Google also love and track links to the site and it helps them count your search engine rankings, but make sure the links are useful, originating from authentic sites with a nice reputation and of the same niche as yours.

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10.) Make Your Blog Design SEO Friendly

Make your site SEO friendly or chose the right theme to make your site and blog search engine friendly. Good design attracts more people. My design is a search engine-optimized theme. This is an awesome theme to attract more people and get a high rank in google and Alexa.

Final Words!

This all thing is enough to how to get improve Alexa rank quickly.  I hope these 10 recipes help you and you understand all Alexa ranking factors.

If you liked this post please share it on Facebook and google+. If you have any queries comment below and I will solve them very soon.

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  1. Hey Vishal,

    Really great work buddy, all these tips are really essential to get your alexa ranking up but the thing that I have experienced from past one year is that if you regularly update your blog your alexa rank will improve at a very fast rate, and you can bring it below 1 lakh within a month.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. You must update the post. Alexa has disabled reviewing system for sites. The best way I found to increase is, get traffic from bloggers. Anyway, nice read. Cheers 🙂

  3. Hi Vishal very nice and imformative post to boost alexa rank easily. One query to you that Alexa has disabled their review system some months back. So make sure to update your post. Otherwise very nicely explained article and very easy to understand 🙂

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  5. Hey vishal,

    You included some of very useful and most needed tricks here to Improve Alexa Rank Quickly. For me currently these these working well – Commenting On High PageRank Site Or Blog, Making Site Up To Date, and Increasing Site Traffic.

    Rest tricks i am going to apply soon on my Blog. Thanks for this great tutorial 🙂

  6. Hi vishal,

    Thanks for providing such an useful tips about alexa rank. It gives rank of our website based on our traffic among the 30 million Website around the world. If our alexa rank is good, then Google will consider for higher page rank of your site. All the tips you have discussed here, are very relevant. It is a good tutorial for the newbies.

    Thanks again for writing such an informative post. All the best to you.

    Thanks & Regards,

  7. You made an excellent post on it. Your discussion style is great.

    I had a good time reading this and numerous excellent understandings right here.

    Thanks for sharing !

  8. Improving alexa rank is good and we should improve our blogs in every possible way. Your tips are good to help bloggers improve alexa rank.

  9. Thanks Vishal, Alexa has always been a mystery to me. Followed all the steps you’ve mentioned and now looking forward to the next Alexa update. Hoping to see some positive result soon!

  10. Hi ! I am Titu Sharma and just started blogging site. Although I have read many SEO post related to website ranking and also seen many youtube videos, but I was not aware of the Alexa internet extention for Chrome. Now I have installed it. Thanks for this information in your blog. Overall, you have covered nearly all areas which should be worked upon to improve our website Alexa ranking.

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