Feed Your Blog To Improve Alexa Rank Quickly – 10 Recipes Here!

There are many ways to improve Alexa rank quickly. But newbies bloggers don’t know about Alexa and they did not try to improve it. Alexa rank is important for advertisement to attract advertiser on your blog/site. In blogging ranking is impotent factor to improve your blog.


I have my personal experience when I started blog I don’t know about Alexa and traffic rank. After study on SEO I learned about it and I improve it very well 🙂 . That’s why I will share my experience with you. I think that which difficulties I taken you can’t take it.

There are many factors to judge a blog/site improvement and rank by Google page rank, Alexa traffic rank, MozRank and many more. Try my 10 recipes and see Alexa Rank Improvement.

Improve Alexa Ranking Quickly – 10 Recipes

1.) Download Alexa Bar

First go to alexa toolbar page and download the alexabar and install it in every browser which you installed in your pc.

2.) Add Alexa Widget In Your Blog

Place alexa widget on your blog/site to attract more people to add click on it and when people do that your rank will be improve. Go to  – Alexa widget page

3.) Increase Your Site Traffic

This is impotent to increase site traffic to get more readers and blogger on your site. Alexa track only those people who installed alexa tool bar in our browser. When they visit on your blog alexa track them and improve your rank base on those people visiting rate. Now share your site with bloggers and also convenes your readers to install alexabar.

4.) Comment On High PageRank Site Or Blog

Commenting on other blog to make backlinks for your blog. This is best way to make backlinks. And link building is good strategy to improve your reputation. Now the question is how to get more links? One of the easiest methods to get links is to check well ranked sites on Alexa and leave a nice comment there with a backlink to your site. Although the link will be “no-follow”, but it will certainly drive targeted traffic to your site.

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5.) Make Your Site Up To Date

Up to date means add content on your site daily. Daily publish fresh content make your site fresh and google crawling your post fast. Google loves fresh and updates website witch give a fresh information about particular niche.

6.) Social Promotion

Share your post and content on social networking site like Facebook, Google plus, Twitter and pinterest .Get more and more like, comment, share and retweet. Its improve your content and site rank high and also get #1 position in Google search engine. Google also see social activities.

7.) Content Is King

“Content is King” – High-quality content ranks well in search results. Hence, if you provide quality content to your readers, your organic traffic will increase that will improve your alexa ranking.

Write problem solving articles, provide required information and make your content grammitically correct. Use any Grammar checker to make your writing flawless. Your readers will love the way you write and you’ll get more social shares which is again a good social signal for blog’s success.

Always remember, social traffic helps to improve alexa ranking quickly. so, focus on writing high-quality content.

8.) Increase Blogger Traffic

Increasing blogger traffic means share your blog post with blogger and SEO expert because those all have alexa toolbar. If you want to boost your alexa then increase blogger visiters. alexa only notice which visit who have alexa toolbar. If you get lots of traffic from blogger then you see your alexa increase 300% in a 1 day.

9.) Submit Your Blog Into Web Directories

Alexa tracks your back-links as well, so the more links you’ll have pointing your site either direct or deep it doesn’t matter much, you’ll get notice by them which will increase your web rank. This will also help your SEO campaign as Google also love and track links to the site and it helps them count your search engine rankings, but make sure the links are useful, originating from authentic sites with nice reputation and of the same niche as yours.

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10.) Make Your Blog Design SEO Friendly

Make your site seo friendly or chose right theme to make your site and blog search engine friendly. Good design attract more people. My design is search engine optimized theme. This is awesome theme to attract more people and get high rank in google and alexa .

Final Words!

This all thing is enough to how to get improve alexa rank quickly.  I hope this all 10 recipes helps you and you understand all alexa ranking factors.

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