How to Improve Video Quality with Movavi Video Editor

People often wish that they could improve the quality of their videos – but don’t realize that there are actually numerous factors affecting it. In some cases the video may be blurry and unclear, while in others it me appear washed out, shadowy, or even have a strange hue.

Under normal circumstances if you wanted to improve the quality of a video you would first have to figure out exactly what needed to be edited. For anyone without experience in such matters that is often a huge stumbling block, which is why Movavi Video Editor adopts a very different approach.

Automatically or Manually Enhance Videos

If you opt to use Movavi Video Editor as a video enhancer you will be given the choice of either automatically or manually enhancing your videos. The software includes four automated enhancement features, each of which will let you improve the quality of your video in a particular way:

  • Auto contrast will calculate the best contrast for each frame of video to improve the highlights and shadows by making the bright areas brighter and the dark areas darker.
  • Auto saturation will improve the color saturation of the video to make it look more vivid.
  • White balance will resolve any lighting issues that can result in gray or blue hues by calculating the best white balance values depending on the lighting conditions.
  • Magic enhance will do all of the above and automatically balance the color, brightness, and contrast.

Of course if you want you could manually enhance your videos as well, and Movavi Video Editor makes that fairly straightforward. All you need to do is adjust the sliders in the color settings according to the improvements that you want to make.

In tandem with enhancing the quality of your videos, it would be a good idea to take advantage of the other features in Movavi Video Editor as well. It comes with the capability to cut and combine video segments, apply special effects, add customizable text, insert audio tracks, and much more.

When used in conjunction with one another the features in Movavi Video Editor can help you to truly make your video look impressive. Assuming you’re willing to spend a few minutes experimenting with its features, you’ll soon be able to apply them and edit your video so that it matches your expectations down to the very last pixel.

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