How To Increase Cache Memory To Speed Up Computer

Increase Cache Memory To Speed Up Computer

If your Pc is running and you want to speed up your PC. I recommend you install first windows 7 on your PC because it supports all software and is easy to use. If you don’t want to change your computer OS. With this trick, you can speed up your computer speed.

Apply this trick to increase cache memory to speed up the computer and get a better experience. This trick work on all operating systems, I try this trick on every type of pc and after it, I share this.


How To Increase Cache Memory Improve Computer Performance :

  1. Click on the start button
  2. Now go to all programs
  3. Go to accessories.
  4. Now right-click on Command Promote (CMD)
  5. Click on “Run As Administrator
  6. Now type this command in CMD: fsutil.exe behavior set memory usage 2cache1
  7. cmd shows you reboot your pc for changes.
  8. Now reboot your system and changes will be applied

After rebooting your memory usage increase by 1 and you can see that by typing this command in CMD:

fsutil.exe behavior query memory usage

cashe 2

If you need to set this again default type this command: fsutil.exe behavior set memory usage 1

Now all is done and you can see your PC running faster. Please do this trick at your risk. My blog and I are not responsible for any problem. But I fixed my pc problem with this trick very well. Now my computer speedup, and I run lots of new games and software smoothly 🙂

Increase Cache Memory To Speed Up Computer

Final Words!

This is a very easy and good technique on How can you increase cache memory to speed up your computer. I hope this is helpful for you and after applying this you don’t need any hardware changes.

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  1. What does that number 2 and 1 mean in the command is it 2MB or your existing memory multiple of 2

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