How To Run Whatsapp On PC By Bluestacks

how to use whatsapp on pc using bluestacks

What’s app is the most popular free massaging app which allows you to send and receive SMS free of cost? What’s app has 465 million active users in the world and 40 million in India. You all know that WhatsApp only runs on android, blackberry, iPhone, and Windows phones. But today I am giving you a full guide on How to run Whatsapp on pc.

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Requirements to use what’s app on your pc

  • A laptop and pc with windows OS
  • Working internet connection

Install Whats app on PC


I am giving you a very simple method to run WhatsApp and all mobile apps on your computer. See below-

1. Download Bluestacks From the official site.

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2. After downloading, install blue stacks on your pc.

3. Now open blustacks.exe from your desktop.

4. Now in bluestacks -> click on the search button and end type the apps name which you want to run. Like I am searching whats app.

5. play store automatically opened and does not enter your Google id and click on the install button. See the image below-

6. After downloading, it will automatically install what’s app.

7. after installing open what’s an app and click on I agree and continue.

8. Type your mobile number with your country code in the field.

9. Now what app tries to confirm your number and sends you a verification code? But it shows fail massage.

10. Now click on call me ->you will receive a call with your verification code.

11. Type the verification code in the field and now you did! 🙂

How to Save Contact On Your Whats app

In phones what’s app automatically updates your contact who use what’s app. But on PC you have to add contacts manually.

1. Open WhatsApp in BluestackClick on the Menu icon at the Bottom

2. Now Click on Contacts Icon

3. Again Click on Menu Icon

4. Click on Add Contact

5. Fill the given fields with the Contact Number and Name

Click on Done.

Final words!

Install whats app on pc and enjoy what’s app messenger to connect with your friends and family :). It is a very good application to send free SMS. Enjoy my how-to-run Whatsapp on pc guide. If you have any problem comment below and I will solve it.


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  1. Hello Vishal Bro,

    WhatsApp is like “town of the day”. It’s one of our basic needs now 😀 and being an internet marketer or blogger I get less time to connect with my Android phone to check my WhatsApp messages.

    So, it is very important for me to install WhatsApp on PC to access it easily without worrying about using phone only to get in touch with my WhatsApp contacts.

    This guide helped me a lot and now I’m successfully using WhatsApp in my PC. Thanks to you bro for making such an easy tutorial.

    Best Regards!

  2. Usually, my friends use to say that why don’t I use Whatsapp and my same answer – I don’t use much internet over mobile. That’s the problem yet this article is really kick-off one, as I just got the way to use Whatsapp on my PC.

    Thanks a lot Vishal Fulwani for this awesome guide.
    – Bishal Biswas

  3. Very interresting. Maybe you can help. I have a samsung S4. The latest version of whatsapp does not allow me to share or receive photo’s, clips etc. I have research and found it is not memory or space related issues. It is in fact that the phone does not allow access to the storage being external or internal memory. I have hooked it up to the cpu and the file is “not” marked read only and should provide access. I do not know where to check or go further.

    Maybe you can help.

  4. thanks vishal for sharing such an amazing and descriptive article. i will certainly give it a try.
    looking forward for more such tips…:)

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