How To Install Windows 8.1 From USB (Easy Guide)

Install Windows 8.1 From USB

Windows 8.1 is new upgraded version of windows 8 and think this is awesome 🙂 you can easily install it by DVD or USB drive. You can easily install Windows 8.1 from USB drive. New windows have lots of new features like new app store, new start menu also multiple tasking window.

Now a days no one want to install optical devices in our Pc and also tablets have not optical DVD writer in build. Then if you are tablet user then this is awesome post for you and also desktop and laptop user use this trick to same Wasting money on CD/DVD.

 Install Windows 8.1 From USB

Before installing win 8.1 in your PC please read system requirement to understand. This OS support your Pc or not. See below system requirement –

System Requirements:-

  • Processor: Intel Dual core (upto 1 GHZ ) or higher.
  • Ram: 1GB ram (32 bit), 2 GB (64 bit) minimum.
  • Hard Dick: 16 GB (32bit), 20GB (64 bit).
  • Graphic Card: DX 9 graphic cards with WDDM drivers.

[yellowbox]Note:- If you have 2GB Ram then install 32bit OS and if you have 2 above RAM then install 64bit OS[/yellowbox]

How To make Bootable USB:

Before starting installing  in your PC make you bootable USB. There is three method to make you bootable pan drive. All method are very easy don’t worry about it.

Method #1 : This is very simple method. Just follow simple steps –

  1. Download PowerISO Software.
  2. Insert pan drive in your PC.
  3. Now Select downloaded windows 8.1 ISO image and right click on it. After that just click on PowerISO and then extract to.
  4. Then you can see “Extract” wizard is open now just browse your file and click ok.
  5. After 10-15 your USB drive will bootable.

Method #2 :  this is second method if first method doesn’t works please apply this method.

  1. Open PowerISO Software.
  2. Now click on tools and in tool section click on “create bootable USB drive”.
  3. Now powerISO want administrator permission. Click on OK.
  4. Now new wizard is opened, First select ISO image file which want.
  5. Then select pan drive. After it click on start button.

Method #3 : If both of method doesn’t working then take this method. This is CMD method. Some pan drives are not able to make bootable. But this method will make it bootable. After doing this method just do first method.

How to make a bootable USB pendrive using CMD

After doing all those things. Now you are ready for install windows 8.1 by USB. Continue reading –

How To Install Windows 8.1 From USB:

1. First of all Insert you pan drive in pc.

2. Now restart your pc and boot from USB.

3. After its automatically boot.

4. Now windows setup wizard appears now hit on Next button and after it click on “Install”.

5. Now accept the license and Hit Next.

6. Select “custom: Install windows only (advance)” option.

7. Now select your partition where you want to install windows. Just Format it and then select it and hit next.

8. After it. Setup will be taking 10 to 15 minutes for processing.

9. After completing the process Pc automatically restarted. Now windows getting started and installing drivers for your pc and its take 3-5 minutes.

10. Now personalize option appears. Now select theme color of your windows. Also enter your PC Name and Hit next button.

11. Click on “use express settings”.

12. Now it’s asking for Microsoft account. If you have Microsoft account then enter your email and password. If you haven’t account then click on “create a new account” and click next.

13. Now enter your verification which Microsoft sending you on mobile.

After doing all that your windows installing is completed. Now one more thing is remaining. What is that? Do you know that? This is activating you windows 🙂 continue read to know how you activate your product.

How To activate Windows 8.1 (Free):

There are lots of way to activate windows 8.1 easily. But I’m using new type of activator. In this activator you can activate you Microsoft office 2013 also 😀 After installing please activate it to click on this link – Activate windows 8.1 By activator

See the video for more information:-

How To Install Windows 8.1 From USB (Easy Guide)

Final Words! 

This is very easy way for those people who don’t want to format there PC by DVD. You can easily make a bootable pendrive and install any OS by these methods. I personally say that if you install any OS by USB you can see that it installs very fast. This is best guide on how to install windows 8.1 from USB drive. If you like this post please share it on Facebook, Google+. and if you are getting any problem then comment.

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  1. Thanks a lot bro…I must appreciate you put a lot of hard work behind this post lots of screenshots and step to step guide and I was able to install windows 8.1 on my computer.All credits to you Vishal 🙂


  2. Hi Vishal,
    Very nice article and well crafted. Complete setup guide to install Windows 8.1.
    Well I was experiencing problem to install Windows 8.1 in my friend’s laptop.
    Though I solved his issue. But I was using DVD. Today I got this new idea to install OS using USB Stick. I will surely apply this.
    Thanks Vishal for sharing 🙂
    Soumyakanti Ray

  3. Interesting write man! Have yet to read any of these tips from other blogs (yet) so, nice stuffs.

    Might try it and see how it goes around.

    Take care!

  4. Hello Vishal,

    First of all thank you for the easy steps to install windows 8.1 from USB drive.

    This is a wonderful tutorial for those who are looking to install windows 8.1 through usb/pendrive on their system and I think this is a very easiest way to install windows.

    Thanks for sharing the step by step guidance of installing windows 8.1 from usb flash drive,It’s a very wonderful information for me.

    Minakshi Srivastava

  5. Vishal again amazing post for windows installer.although i am not big windows’s fan due to their viruses and sluggish user experience.but you made one thing really easy for user i.e installing windows from usb.i used to install windows with DVD but now onward i will definitely apply your above mentioned step guide.

    i would also like to appreciate your entire blog work it really give one place help to windows users.keep it up with your good work

    Best Of LUCK!!!!

  6. Hey Bro,

    You did a great job by sharing this awesome tutorial about how to install Windows 8.1 from USB. I found it very useful for me and trust me all the people are going to find this article very helpful because you cleared all the steps by sharing screenshots.

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  10. Hi Vishal,

    You have provided the tutorial worthy to follow.

    I have installed Windows 8.1 two days ago. You have given the right directions to install Windows.

    There are many people who are seeking for the perfect approach to install the latest version in their computers.

    Thanks for sharing the info.

    Hope you are having fun this week.:)


  11. Thanks a lot brother.

    I was looking for the same. Now I can install windows 8.1 easily from USB. I will definitely share this article with my friends bcz I think they are facing the same problem.

  12. Hi Vishal,

    Very Nice and helful tutorial, I am looking this for many times to install window 8.1 in laptop. You shared everything step by step. It is very easy to install window 8 from usb after reading your tutorial.

    Keep up your good work!
    Jyoti Chauhan

  13. Thank @vishal fulwani

    This really help me to add the window 8.1 in my PC. The way of your presenting is so cool bro. Keep doing that such things which helps us lot.

  14. hi vishal
    this tutorial is really nice, due to your good guide lines now i am able to install windows 8.1 from my usb but can u also tell me how to unboot it n thanks in advance 🙂

  15. My CD drive failed to work properly and I thought of changing the drive to upgrade my PC to windows 8. Gladly, I saw this tutor and my problem is fixed now 🙂

    Thanks for this tutor 🙂

  16. hmmm useful tutorial. A clear guidelines for the people who are seeking to download or install windows 8 1 from USB. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Hi vishal fulwani,

    This is really great tips for all of us.
    Today I installed Window 7 though USB. this is same method as in window seven. First I created image file in Powe ISO and then installed window 7 in just 15 minuted, full instalation.

    I will use this method in another computer to install window 8.1. I hope this tips will be helpful for me.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

    Areesha Noor!

  18. After install windows 8.1. the account pictures are not change. give me error ” first activate window” i have no internet connection how to use full features of windows . and how to update my window manual..

    please help me ???

  19. Hello vishal,
    I was searching from a long time but finally i got step by step tutorial thanks a lot 🙂

  20. Can we install windows on android tablet using this method if yes what are all the hardware requirements?? Is it compatible with arm processors??
    Please reply soon. Thanks in advance

  21. hi thank you for great information..

    now I use windows 10.. I don’t like it.

    so would like to clean install Windows 8.1…

    I don’t know how to bit from USB/DVD.. please help me
    thank you

  22. also one more doubt.. I burned the DVD by just copying the iso folder(not mounted).. is there any problem..??

  23. Hai Vishal….I’m DAMODHARAN. I have a problem in installing the Windows 8.1 OS. I have done exactly as you told in the above steps. But my Laptop keeps prompting me to install the OS again and again white booting. Please help me Bro……..!

  24. Dude, If i got a fuck load of data on my D drive which is a safe drive and i can’t risk loosing any of it during the installation process and I also don’t have any other way of backing up that data? Then what should i do? Continue with the installation?

  25. Hi bro, it shows the word “HARD DICK” and not “HARD DRIVE”. You might want to correct it 🙂 Keep up the good work. Cheers@!

  26. Can I install windows 8 into my laptop????
    My laptop have 3GB ram,250GB hard disk,Intel core2 duo CPU T6500 @ 2.10 GHz,ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3400 series………………please reply me……….

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