Top 5 Website To Learn Computer Programming Languages For Beginners

Computer Programming Languages For Beginners

Recently I saw that most students under 20 will try finding some websites to learn computer programming languages online but they can’t find good websites. I’m also a student of BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) and in my course, I have lots of programming subjects like HTML, CSS, JAVA, .Net, and many more. After 1 month I find out some good sites to learn computer programming languages online :).

These are all I share with you because I don’t want you all to take time to find good websites. Because “time is money”. If you are interested to learn then continue with my guide to learning computer programming languages for beginners


Learn computer programming languages for beginners:

I will show you the top 5 websites to learn computer programming. All links are in the heading of the website.


I’m a big fan of this website because its guide is awesome for beginners. W3 has lots of free computer programing languages like PHP, HTML, JAVA, .Net, ASP, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, etc. You can learn and take exams after completing the learning and getting your W3 certificate J. If you are in the web development field then this is an awesome website to learn from.


This is another good website to learn If you want to learn to code for making games and designing apps then this is an awesome website for you. You can learn python, ruby, and many more coding languages here. give you good entailment to learn properly.


Codecademy give you a cool web-developing guide to make your website more user-friendly, and also make your app for your site.  This is a cool way to learn web APIs. I recently started to learn web APIs from Codecademy. You also learn Python, Ruby, PHP, HTML/CSS. This is helpful for beginners who want to make good command of programming.


This is a similar website to W3 and here you get lots of huge courses to learn more and more. There is no limit to learning. I got 50+ courses on this website. From here you can learn OS, DIP, SEO, DBMS, Telecom and frameworks, etc.


If you are a beginner programmer and you find a good resource then this is good for you. This is MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network). This is the official Microsoft website to learn to program. learn all languages like, C#, etc. Then MSDN is good for you. But I saw that beginners might not be initially comfortable with MDSN. But if you continue learning from MSDN then this is the ideal website for beginners.

Final Words!

I hope you loved the guide on websites to learn computer programming languages for beginners. All these sites are awesome and I recommend to you try all resources for learning.

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  1. Nice List Vishal. I love to study w3 schools. Hey do u have any info about its app. i downloaded two apps from play store but they r not up the mark.

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