How To Get The Location Of Your Android Phone

Get The Location Of Your Android Phone

Today’s world called an Internet world because I think everyone have smart phone, laptops, PC and all are using internet. The big think is that we using smart phone and it’s a part of our life. And most commonly every smart phone have Android OS. In this world 90% person using android smart phone like Samsung, HTC and many more companies making android smart phones.

If you are using Android phone then continue reading…  Now I will show you How To Get The Location Of Your Android Phone. By this trick you are find your lost phone using android device manager. But before starting we will discuss about this app.


About Android Device manager:-

Android device manager find your phone quickly and give you location of your phone. This is very user friendly. You can use this app on web and on your phone also 🙂 see below features of ADM (Android Device Manager).

  • Locate you android phone by using Google account.
  • Ring your mobile phone from you Pc to track your device.
  • Reset your look screen password.
  • Wipe out all the data on your Android device.


How You Can Setup Your ADM:

Before starting I’ll show you how you can set up Android device manager on your PC and Phone. There are two method 1st method for web and 2nd method for Android devices.


Set Up For Web:

  1. Now turn on location service in you android phone.
  2. Sign in you Google account which associated with your android phone.
  3. Now your android device automatically in right side of the screen.


Set Up For Android Device:

  1. First of all download Android device manager from Google play store. If you want more info about android device manager click here
  2. After installing welcome screen appears.
  3. It’s ask you to option select accept and you will be ready to use this app.

Set up android device manager

Now you done the setup of android device manager now I’ll show you how can you locate your device by this awesome app.

How To get location android phone using Android device manager:

This is very awesome app to track your device by using web and android device very easily. I also use this app for tracking me and my sister devices 😀 . If you want to track your device then follow my steps. And I show you both tracking trick by web and phone also. You also locate your device from web.


Method 1: Get location from Android phone:

  1. Run Android device manager in your mobile.
  2. Now select you device which you want to track.
  3. Now this app shows you device location on map.


Method 2: Get Location from Web:

  1. Open web browser and sing into your Google account.
  2. Now go to this link to get location.
  3. Now select you device.
  4. After it, you can see location in map.


This is very easy and simple but its now a end of this android device manager feature. If you want to get more information go to below link.

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How To Track Your Android Phone :

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