How To Make A Bootable USB Pendrive Using CMD

Bootable USB Pendrive Using CMD

We make a bootable disk for booting but there is another way to boot your PC. These are USB drives, making a bootable pen drive is not difficult. And there are lots of tools to make a USB drive but sometimes they can’t make it bootable I show you how to make a bootable USB pen drive by cmd. Command prompts only accept commands that why everyone think that was very difficult. But I tell you creating a USB Pendrive using cmd is not hard.


How To Make A Bootable USB Pendrive:

    1.  First of all download windows Image which you want to install on your pc.
    2.  After it inserts the USB stick, now go to start ->> all programs ->> Accessories ->> select command prompt, right-click on it, and “run as administrator”. Now cmd will be displayed and enter the following commands…
    3.  Now enter diskpart ->list disk -> select disk 1 (chose the USB drive which you inserted into your pc)

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Note: Please check your USB drive memory size and then select the right disk.
  1. Now enter clean -> create partition primary -> select partition 1 -> active -> format fs= NTFS(This will format your Pendrive within 15-20 minutes).
  2.  After the formatting is done, you have to enter commands again in cmd…
  3.  ->> Assign (you can see the pen drive changed its letter to (H): or(G)), ->> EXIT (this command will exit the disk part function)
  4.  Now right-click on your windows image and select -> mount an image, now you can see the disk image near your DVD drive.
  5. In my case, the command is J: -> CD boot ->> bootsect.exe/nt60 K: (K is the latter of the USB drive).
  6.   ->> EXIT (This command exit cmd)

Now copy all of your windows image data into your can drive. All is done! Now restart your system and boot from USB Pendrive.

Make A Bootable USB Pendrive: 

Final Words!

This is my other how-to guide, I hope this is helpful for you. this is an Awesome way to make a bootable USB pen drive using the command prompt.

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