How To Make A Chrome Web App

Google is most useful browser in the internet world now a days. And every person use it and fined new web apps for chrome. Now you can make a chrome web app for your browser and enjoy building new web apps every day 🙂

I’m showing you how you can create your own app for Google and customized it. And feel like as you are developer 🙂

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make chrome web app

How To Create Web Apps For Chrome

I teach you step by step to create develop an app. Just follow my following steps to make this task very easy for you. See below-

Step #1:

Create a new folder in your download and rename it, which app you want to create in chrome. For example I am creating twitter web app for my browser.

Step #2:

Now create own icon for your app in PNG. (Remember that Icon.png size is 128*128).

Note: Make sure your icon file size is 128*128 and its only support PNG file

Step #3:

Now open a notepad file and paste following code in text editor.

“name”: “App Name”,
“description”: “App description (132 characters or less, no HTML)”,
“version”: “1.0.0”,
“manifest_version”: 2,
“icons”: {
“128”: “icon_128.png”
“app”: {
“urls”: [
“launch”: {
“web_url”: “”

Step #4:

Now save this notepad file in “manifest.json” Extrusion.

(Note: make sure the .txt Extrusion gone.)

make a app folder

Step #5:

Now copy both file (ICON.png and json file in your app folder which we will create in Step #1:

Step #6:

Developer mode

Now all is done, now we will test it 🙂

Open Google chrome-> click on this icon -> tools -> Extensions.

Now tick “developer mode” and click on load unpacked Extensions. And after it select your web app folder.

Now you custom web app installed in new tab and you can use it now 🙂

See Video Tutorial For Web App

Final words!

This tricks help you to how can you make a chrome web app. This looks like a shortcut of webpage witch you like and want to bookmark it. Its a very simple tricks to do and enjoy it.

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