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This article is going to be a review of the, I won’t go storytelling with you, so let me make it clear. It’s one of the best (or, The best, as you’ll soon learn) URL-shortening platforms that exist on this planet.

It lets you monetize your blog traffic, bounce rate, overall traffic, and even comments! So yeah that’s what you can do with on your blog!

Ah, don’t have a blog? Cheer up, who said you need one? Let me tell you something, would love to make money for you too, without a blog!

Here’s the overall picture of

You Join > You Shorten URLs> You share the URLs (either on a blog, Twitter, or any other place) > The Links get clicked > You get paid.

So see? You don’t need rocket science to make money with right? Told you so.

How Much Does Pays You? has industry-leading commission rates, and that’s what makes it unique and worth it. There’s no fixed amount that you’ll be paid for any number of hits but let me average it out for you.

It’s around $10.80 /1000 clicks! Well, it’s like is paying you $10 just for 1K clicks! Now, these figures won’t be available to you on any other network that much I can promise.

Additionally, has as many as Three payment methods up for you.

Withdrawal method

So yeah you can withdraw your cash via any method you like. There’s no stopping you once you get the links clicked, you’re bound to get paid. Has More Than One Ways to Make Money for You:-

Shortening URLs is not everything! It’s the easiest way to make money with short. st!  You shorten URLs using, you spread them, you make money!

make link

If that’s not enough for you, Shorte. has an Affiliates Referral System! Well, it pays you 20% of every guy you refer income forever!

So if you refer me, and I make $100 every month, you’ll be getting $20 just for my referral forever! So yeah you just refer 10-15 good guys and make money while you sleep for the rest of your life.

Here’s what some of the most successful affiliates have to say:-

affiliates says

If you still aren’t satisfied, we’ll has Website Scripts for you.

website scripts

So you can make money for every visitor who lands on your site! Well yeah, the website script will monetize the whole of the website and you’re going to get paid every time someone lands over there.

So yeah those were just about the three easy-as-anything ways for you to make money with, I seriously can’t think why you might not have joined it even by now!

How Can I Promote My Link:-

Blogs/ Websites:- This is the best option as blogs generally have a constant flow of traffic and that means a constant flow of cash for you.

Social Media:- Social Media platforms like Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, and Twitter accounts are other potentially viable sources of clicks and traffic for you! So yeah you don’t need to have a website to make money with

Get Creative:- The end goal here is to get clicks. No matter how you do it, so there’s no hard and fast rule to achieve that. Just get creative, use every damn method in the world to get the clicks and you can see the cash flowing.

Final Words:- makes money for you, it doesn’t need you to have a website, it has as many as three different methods to pay you and it has industry-leading commission rates!

Do you even dare not sign up over there? If you do, either you don’t need the money, or already have enough of it.

I mean what are you losing? Nothing at all, right? Its advanced tools like the Exist Intent, Capping Capabilities, Triggers,  and all the other options make it such an awesome tool for you to make the money,  I can’t think why you might not want to go with it.

Even if you aren’t the URL-shortening kind of guy, just go along with the Affiliate thing it has to offer you, after all, what harm can some extra cash do to you at the end of the month? Nothing, right? So go along and Sign up at right away. It’s free anyway.


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