Maxqda Software 2022: Review, Uses, Features, and Improvement

Maxqda Software

Maxqda Software is an analysis software or qualitative analysis software. It helps to minimize the challenge of analyzing documents, video/audio/text files, interviews, literature reviews, focus groups, and images. The software contains a wide array of visualization tools such as charts, concept maps, word clouds, tables, and more. The software offers different methods or processes for analyzing each subject. It also offers quantitative and statistical content analysis tools. 

The best part of this software is its interface. It is absolutely user-friendly and very easy to learn the process of operating and accessing the software. You’ll get many video tutorials for beginners or new users regarding learning and operating the software. The software is suitable for both Mac and Windows. 

Maxqda Software

Maxqda software is made for Qualitative Analysis on Mac and Windows

If you are looking for suitable software for qualitative analysis, nothing could be better than Maxqda Software. The software contains powerful tools to perform critical qualitative data analysis and has a huge range of data types. The tools it has for data analysis are visualization, coding, mixed methods, and quantitative and statistical content analysis tools. 

Maxqda Software is called the “All-in-one Qualitative Software”

If you’re looking for software to manage your entire research project, go for Maxqda software. The software will help you to easily import data from online surveys, interviews, spreadsheets, web pages, focus groups, Youtube data, bibliographic data, tweets, audio/video files, and more.

It will also organize all your data and links to compare works with the members of your team or organization. The file is flexible within the software and helps refine and expand your category in the suitable search list.

Maxqda Software helps to retrieve data and codes quickly

When you are using Maxqda software you can mark your important data with different codes within by using colors, symbols, codes, or emoticons. There’s an option to perform quick coding with automatic coding or via drag and drop to assemble your thoughts and theories to link the elements of your project.

The memos containing your thoughts and theories can be linked with any of your project elements. You can also retrieve your data and documents with just one click by using the software’s powerful search tools. 

Maxqda Software

Maxqda Software helps to create Memos

It is quite an obvious fact that when you’re coding or reading your data, some creative ideas will pop up in your head. And then what do you do with them? The answer is, you can store them in the memos. There are 11 different memo icons, you can choose among them to mark your thoughts and ideas. The features like the lexical search function and Maxqda memo manager, you can get immediate access to all the memos at a time. You can also use memos to create audit trails and paraphrase messages. 

Maxqda Software helps to aggregate your data

The software contains two summary and overview tools so that you don’t have to lose track of your data ever. The overview tables within the software are used for almost everything such as code segments, links, memos, etc. The compressed summary sources can be effectively represented and compared with the help of the summary tables. 

You can Visualize your qualitative data through Maxqda Software

Maxqda Software contains visual tools specially made to perform qualitative research and literature review. If you want to explore the themes or particularly the central themes of your text you can easily go for the word cloud tool. It offers the tools to manage your graphical publications and representation. 

What are the improvements of Maxqda Software 2022?

  • Unlike the previous times, hyperlinks in PDF documents stay active when imported into the software. You can open the address linked in your browser by just clicking the hyperlink.
  • You’ll find PDF documents highlighted in yellow as your search results. You can also switch off or on the option.
  • You can find the timestamp column visible when a media file is open. With this feature, you can now easily access the existing timestamps and quickly start the transcription of a media file. 
Maxqda Software

The fixations within Maxqda Software

  • The issue of printing PDF documents with coded segments is fixed.
  • The issue of removing links from a PDF is fixed.
  • The issue of zooming in a PDF with CTRL+ is fixed.
  • The issue of Maxqda exchange files and the missing correct files are resolved. 
  • The issue of code names and documents starting with specific Japanese characters is resolved.
  • The issue of displaying the wrong icon intercoder agreement is fixed.
  • The issue of displaying code frequencies in the heatmap view is resolved.
  • The issue of saving a copy of a project within the software without having the memo deleted in the memo manager is resolved. 

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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