Maximize your mobile Affiliate Strategy

Maximize your mobile Affiliate Strategy

Affiliate marketing has been such a success in recent years because it’s a convenient way of tapping into how an increasing number of retail customers are using the Internet. Using your mobile to shop has become one of the defining aspects of the modern world, and it is now quite possible to fully furnish your home without actually having to go over the doorstep.

Within a few clicks, items can be browsed through, purchased, and delivered straight to your home. As this form of retail business continues to evolve, with figures showing more than 50% of digital media time is now spent on mobile devices, affiliate marketers are moving in parallel with the technology. Here’s how you can maximize your mobile affiliate strategy.

Gear your promotion to mobile users

You need to consider how to make it easy for anyone signed up for your affiliate programs to promote your brand in this context. A good way to drive that all-important web traffic to transform it into conversions is to be creative. Think of ads that can be used across devices, ensuring that your content will respond to a diverse range of media. Whether we are talking about images, video, or plain text, how each of these formats will render in mobile browsers is crucial. Different screen sizes will display certain content as an unfortunate mess unless you take appropriate steps.

Previously with affiliate campaigns, the idea was to appeal to customers by inviting them on a platform-specific journey. But it is worth remembering that surveys have revealed around three-quarters of adults use at least two devices to connect to the Internet regularly, with as many as two-thirds of them switching devices in the middle of completing transactions.

There are also time factors to consider with mobile usage. First, in the morning, potential customers are more likely to be casually accessing online stores via their mobile, whether they are getting ready to head off to work on are on their commute. Because they are more likely to be using smart devices you can factor in time considerations. Once you know your audience is browsing at that time, and more intentionally later on in the day, you could introduce your customers to specific trends before noon, and offer them coupons to seal the deal when they are more likely to be engaged after work.

Mobile integration

Regardless of the channel or device customers are using it is important you adopt an omnichannel strategy. This will provide a seamless experience, regardless of the type of device being used to click through to products. Customers are likely to start and conclude their purchasing via affiliate programs so it is important you can invest in multi-channel strategies to better understand the behavior of your customers when it comes to market analysis. Retailers can tailor orders that are being made via affiliate programs to enhance customer engagement.

Determine your best-performing products

Ensure you have reliable tracking for gathering feedback about customer actions. Whether this is referring to installs, in-app activity, sales details, click-tracking, or registrations, you need to determine which of your affiliates are performing well and delivering the highest return at any time. Because not every affiliate marketer will be making the most of mobile sales, it’s important to measure results and develop a strategy for those affiliates that are giving you the best return. Is also valuable to get feedback from the marketers about positive or negative experiences in driving mobile usage, as well as collaborating with other advertisers using a mobile affiliate network.


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