Movavi Video Converter Review: Convert Videos To Any Format Easily

Being able to convert videos into different formats is a lot more useful than most people realize. Not only will it ensure you are able to convert your videos into a format that is compatible with any device or platform, but it will also enable you to compress your videos or burn them to DVDs.


Make no mistake those are just some of the benefits of a tool like Movavi Video Converter that will let you convert any video to any format that you require.


Steps to Convert Video Formats


On the whole Movavi Video Converter is designed to make converting videos easy and straightforward. It has an intuitive interface, and you just need to perform three simple steps to switch your videos to any format:


  1. Add the video to Movavi Video Converter using the buttons on the interface or dragging and dropping the video file into the main working area.
  2. Select a format among the categories in the lower section of the interface or use one of the presets for a specific device or platform.
  3. Click ‘Convert’.

The presets in Movavi Video Converter will give you an easy way to convert videos into the right format. Among the hundreds of presets for various devices and platforms you should be able to find what you need, and the software will handle the rest so that you don’t have to fiddle with any technical settings or parameters.


Key Features:-


In addition to making it so easy to convert videos, Movavi Video Converter has numerous other key features and capabilities that will allow you to:


  • Convert any type of media file between different formats, including audio files and images.
  • Cross-convert between different types of media files to extract audio tracks from videos, create animated GIFs, grab screenshots, and more.
  • Edit videos to improve their quality, add text as captions, crop, rotate, stabilize video footage, and more.
  • Compress video files by adjusting the bitrate manually or setting the desired file size.
  • Resize videos using several options such as scaling by a percentage or to a specific set of dimensions, fitting into a frame, and so on.


To put it simply Movavi Video Converter is a complete media converter at its core and will give you numerous options to convert and prepare any type of media file.




All said and done converting videos doesn’t get any easier than with Movavi Video Converter. It will let you enjoy all the benefits of being able to convert your videos, and on top of that will provide you with other features that extend your capabilities further and bring more options to the table.

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