Top Must Have Gadgets To Power Your Startup

Must Have Gadgets To Power Your Startup

Entrepreneurs are always on the go. They are called mobile people. Doing deals, finalizing production, and managing finances are all so hectic, but worth it.

There is nothing better than being your boss.

Making a website for a startup is one thing, but entrepreneurship doesn’t end there. There are a lot of things you consistently need to do.

So if you consider my opinion, these are the 8 gadgets I would suggest as a must for an entrepreneur.

Must-Have Gadgets To Power Your Startup

1 Slim Scanner

I always keep a soft copy in my cell of my necessary documents like my Aadhaar card, voter card, etc. entrepreneurs have more legal and important documents to carry, and with every other meeting, with every other deal that they crack the pile keeps increasing, and the probability that they carry every document starts tending to zero thus a slim scanner is must, just scan all your stuff and you’re ready to go.  Crack another million-dollar deal if not a billion.

Slim Scanner

2 Pocket Printer

Since now you are loaded with your soft copies, you might need to submit the hard copy at some or another place.  Hence here comes my second piece of advice for a pocket printer.   This will be your friend indeed whenever you are in need. This pocket printer works on battery backup you can charge it with its charger. All you need to do is to connect it to your phone and you can print anything. It is pocket friendly, as the name suggests. If you are in the manufacturing field then you can also consider buying a 3d printer pen. These handheld 3d pens are going quite popular for the past few years. Make sure to read some online reviews about each pen before you buy.

Pocket Printer

3 Writey desk( dry erase desk):

Ideas don’t come with a warning.  And this gadget is best suited for an entrepreneur as there are always some or the other idea going through your mind, be it your product launch plans, ideas for expansion, or an idea to crack the next deal. The first thing you need to do is scribble it. So here comes your savior writey desk. You can scribble all your ideas, erase your ideas, or rewrite your ideas.

You can make quick notes, at meetings or calls. You don’t have to rush to find a notebook and pen. I hope you scribble a million-dollar idea on your writing desk.

4 Slidenjoy dual monitor extender:

An entrepreneur is a working machine. so to maximize your output in a minimum amount of time here comes the next blessing of technology  – a monitor extender. It is easy to use, all you need to do is to attach it to your laptop and you are good to go. These can be slid and aligned together thus not much space consuming. Just slide out, align, work and slide in.

Multiple screens are something that you need as an entrepreneur. It helps you to perform multitask more efficiently.

5 SMART Kapp 42 capture board:

Even your world-changing idea is wasted until you know how to sell it. in today’s market selling your idea is key to success. This board is exactly the thing you need, to sell your idea.

This is an intelligent board that keeps you connected with all your colleges. All you need to do is to invite them. Your colleagues have to log in through the invite, everyone who is logged in could view everything on their own pcs. This is compatible with both mac and pc.

6 Logitech spotlight presentation:

In the end, it’s always about how you sell your awesome idea. Delivering a perfect pitch in meetings and presentations is always nerve-cracking. Now that’s when Logitech spotlight comes into the role.

It helps you make things work smoother. Its minimum design makes it easy to slide into your pocket. Logitech’s innovative feature allows you to make your presentation a bit more focused by pinpointing key parts of your presentation.

7 Power banks for cell phones and laptops:

We do all our work, let be official or personal on our cell phones. as an entrepreneur your cell phone will become the most essential part of your life. You will always be either on call or replying to an email or making your schedule on a notepad. Your cell phones and your laptops will be closer to you than your family.

So to keep working we need to charge our phones. And there is no need to mention that you can’t hope to get a socket everywhere. Thus battery banks become a must.

I would suggest USB-CXXL. This is sleek, lightweight, and pocket friendly. This can even charge your laptops, tablets, etc.

8 MoKo – 6 – port high-speed USB 3.0 hub:

this provides you with a maximum bandwidth of 5.0 Gb/s  and a maximum transmission speed of 640 MB/s. This hub is elegantly built with ultraviolet surface treatment. This specific treatment ensures that the hub retains its beautiful appearance for a long time to come. This hub is a must for an avid computer user. This comes with an interesting heavy protection that prevents it from overcharging or over-discharging. The bottom is covered with a nonslip mat to prevent it from slipping.


Thus you can use it very comfortably without worrying much about getting it harmed physically or technically.

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