What is Past Perfect Software? Review 2022

past perfect software

Past Perfect Software is a cloud-based and on-premise solution containing various tools to manage and streamline catalogs, lists, exhibitions, and more. It is the best software to manage museums and enables businesses of all sizes to streamline and automate cataloging, documenting, listing, asset management, and more. 

past perfect software

The Deployments of Past Perfect Software are marked below

  • Desktop- Mac
  • Desktop-Windows
  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
  • Desktop-Chromebook
  • On-premise- Linux
  • Desktop- Linux
  • On-premise- Windows
  • Mobile- Android
  • Mobile- iPad
  • Mobile- iPhone

The supports of Past Perfect Software are marked below;

  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • In Person
  • Documentation
  • Live Online

Features of Past perfect Software are mentioned below

  • Managing Grants
  • Managing Insurances
  • Managing Events
  • Managing Collections
  • Managing Exhibitions, vendors
  • Managing Memberships
  • Gift Shop POS
Past Perfect Software

The Alternatives of Past Perfect Software

#1: Velvet

This software is perfect for a museum requiring 360-degree visibility to improve operations and their visitors’ journey. It helps to engage with the audience, thrives with their ticketing, and optimizes fundraising within the organizations. It is user-friendly software and has diverse tools and excellent support. 

  • The features of Veevart Software: The features of this software are Digital Membership Cards, Shopify Integration, Donors, membership and visitor management, Sage/Quickbooks Integration, Visitor Guest Book Application, Collection Management and Web Publishing, POS and gift shop application. 
  • Deployment and support of Veevart Software: The deployment of the software; Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based, Desktop-Mac, Mobile-iPhone, Mobile-iPad. The support of the software; Email/help desk, Phone support, Knowledge Base, FAQs/Forum, Chat. 
  • Training: In Person, Webinars, Live Online, videos, Documentation.

#2: Korona

This is a complete solution of ticketing POS systems specially configured for water parks, museums, concerts, festivals, and amusement parks. The software helps to keep consolidated sales among eCommerce, ticket booths, gift shops, and QSRs. The software ensures integration within the scanners, printers, self-checkout kiosks, and robust turnstiles. 

#3: Cataloglt

If you are looking for an application that documents the story of things, Cataloglt is the best suitable option for you. The software contains cutting-edge technology as well as intuitive visual interaction and real-time cloud collaboration. You can migrate your already stored documents from common existing museum cataloging or general-use formats. It is similar to the Past Perfect software.

Easy-to-use software with a sufficient number of tutorials on the internet. You can easily upload photos, the app ability is pretty much promising and the software can be used by multiple users at a time. There are quite a lot of non-profit organizations using this software to operate multiple independent museums. The cloud-based software helps the organizations store the information of each of the museums and create a final draft. 

#4: TMS Suit

This software is an interwoven platform that helps the collection management software to be operated and function. All the products are very powerful and when put together they are massive. The software TMS Suit offers native and full integration and helps manage the economy and time within the collection management systems. The interface of the software is quite impressive for it being straightforward. It allows its users to easily make catalogs for museums, upload photos, and record documents and locations. The reports within the gallery system of the software are made publicly visible which makes it even more user-friendly software. 

But there are some drawbacks of this software and we have gathered such information from the users only. According to one user, the search function within the software could be improved because it becomes troublesome when a lot of searches are happening at the same time. The server starts objecting and refusing to perform. 

Past Perfect Software

#5: Artlogic

This is the leading online art software that helps in inventory management and CRM. You can simplify, streamline and improve your system by only focusing on the significant factors. The software has a unique approach with which they have integrated their website, sales app, and database. The improvement helped generate more revenues and reduced unnecessary data entry. 

According to many users, Artlogic is the best art software because it has all the features that are expected from such software. All the necessary administrative tools, money movements, and a lot of other features are included within the software. 

One basic drawback of the software is that it is a bit too pricey. The price will be worth it if the PrivateViwes application is installed within the software. It helps increase the accessibility and status of the work that automatically reflects on the entire project. Another fallacy is that the software doesn’t allow outside programming. There are many organizations consisting of outside resource administration frameworks and this software is not suitable for them. So, if the developers and owners include some more features, then the price of the software will be alright. But other than that, it is indeed a bit too pricey art software. 

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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