Photoshop Tutorial Collage Effect beginners Guide

Photoshop Tutorial Collage Effect

Hello friends I’m here with new & cool photoshop tutorials. This is my smallest guide because it is very complicated to make a collage and add it with pictures but don’t worry I made a video on photoshop tutorial collage effects to learn easily 🙂  This is good for making your Facebook timeline cover in collage and getting more attention 😀

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Photoshop Tutorial Collage Effect:

1. Open photoshop and open any HD image.

2. Now make a copy of this layer and copy hind the original layer.

3. After it makes a new layer and colors its background black.

4.  Now move layer 1 under the background copy.

5.  Now click on background copy and select the rectangle tool and make a rectangle on the image.

6.  After it right click on the rectangle box layer and right click on it and select rasterize the layer.

7.  Now select rectangle layer 1 and press the keyboard button CTRL+J to make a duplicate layer.

8. Now rename the original rectangle layer to black and duplicate the layer name to white.

9. Now select the white layer and double click on it and now you can see the layer style widget open. After it’s appearing click on the color overlay option and set the color red to white and hit ok.

10. Now move the black layer above the white layer.

11. Now hold the CTRL button and select the white layer. This will select the pixel.  Then right-click on it and select free transform.

12. While holding ALT+Shift resize your white rectangle. Resize it as I do, see the below image for help-

13. After it moves the background copy the above the black layer.

14. Now Right click on it and select “create clipping mask”.

15. Now this part is a little bit confusing part but doesn’t scarred see my video and you understand this step easily. Select both layers (white and black) and move it where you want to place the rectangle.

16. Now select the white layer and double-click on it now set the drop shadow option. See the image below and set the setting.

17. To create another picture you have to hold CTRL down and select all 3 layers. I selected the below image.

18. Now select the white and black layers and move them where you want. Make more images and do the same. After 10 to 15 rectangles you can see the collage effect.


Photoshop Tutorial Collage Effect:

Final Words!

I hope you loved my Photoshop Tutorial on Collage Effects for those who love to do more creativity in Photoshop 🙂 you can easily make collages in photoshop CS6.

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  1. Hello Vishal,

    I’m new at Photoshop. I use Photoshop just for few days and I still try to learn how it works. Your tutorial is great and easy to follow.

    I just wanted to thank you for your great Photoshop tutorials 🙂

    Minakshi Srivastava

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