Photoshop Tutorials Glowing Text Effect (CS6)

Photoshop Tutorials Glowing Text Effect

This is my new guide for adobe Photoshop lovers 🙂 . This is my first guide but I’m not giving you Photoshop basic guide I just give you new ideas to make more effects in Photoshop. This Photoshop tutorials glowing text effect. After lots of practice I made some tutorials and I will publish all those in future day by day 😀 . Let’s start this first guide…….


Photoshop Tutorials glowing text effects:

See the step by step guide and follow my all steps to make your own glowing text effects.

1. Open photoshop and click on new file, and its open new widget juts add custom setting see below image –

2. Now click on “OK” button and now you see that you have background layer with black color.

Note: If you don’t have black background then before clicking on new file, set your background color black.

3. Now select “Type Tool” and type any think which you want and make it 200px.

4. Now Select your txt layer and right click on it, now select rasterize type.

5. Now click on gradient tool and set color to dark blue to light blue, see image below.

6. Now Hold CTRL key on your keyboard and just click on txt layer now you txt layer is selected.

7.  Now click and drag to create gradient color on txt.

8.  Now unselect the selection and make copy of your txt layer by clicking CTRL+J.

9.  Now create a new layer and now go to filter->>Render->> Clouds. After it change the blending option in “Color Dobge”.

10. Now select the txt copy and go to again in filter->>Blur->>Gaussian Blur. Change the radius to what you think looks best.

11. now I am adding some light effect in my image by brush tool. Download the brush.

Now all is done Final image is this, now you can see the full video of this Photoshop Tutorials Glowing Text Effect.

Photoshop Tutorials Glowing Text Effect

Final Words!

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  1. hey vishal
    thanks for sharing this, i have CS5 Edition of Photoshop, hope this will work also in it. i love to do these type of things in free time. thanks again 🙂

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