Best Tips To Install and Play Pokemon Go In India (working)

Install and Play Pokemon Go In India

Pokémon Go Developed by Niantic is one of the most popular games in the world nowadays. Pokémon Go is very popular in North America, and Europe, and People are getting addicted to this. In many countries, Pokémon Go Is restricted and in many countries, it is yet to launch. Pokémon Go is not launched yet because of server issues. People of India are showing their eagerness to play Pokémon Go in India, but they can’t because it is not available in the Google Play Store of India! Today, In This Article, I will show you tips to install and play Pokemon go in India. It’s Very Simple, Just Follow My Steps.

Tips To Install and Play Pokemon Go In India

For Android Users:

Step 1) you can . Be sure to check that the site is good and that the APK, you download contains no virus.

Step 2) before installing the APK File, You need some changes in your phone setting panel so that you can install Pokémon Go Easily.

Step3)  Go To Your Setting, Go To Security And Check “installation of apps from unknown sources” (It will not harm your phone).

Step 4) Now, You can install your Pokémon Go APK File.

Step 5) Done! Enjoy Playing Pokémon Go In India!

For Apple iOS users:

Step 1) Firstly, you had to log out from your Apple ID.

Step 2) Then open the play store from your apple mobile and then go to the free apps/games section.

Step 3) It will ask you to sign In. Select “Create a new ID”. This enables you to create a new id with new details.

Step 4) Fill in your details and in Address Section, you can add the UK, US, or any Country but not India.

Step 5) Click on done and Sign In With this new ID install Pokémon Go and Enjoy Playing!

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I hope this article helps you to install and play Pokemon Go in India for both Android and Apple IOS users. These methods will not harm your smartphone. Just do these steps correctly and enjoy playing Pokemon Go!


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