Practical Evaluation of Social Media Analytics by NetBase

Social Media Analytics by NetBase

Social media analytics utilizes some of the most innovative artificial intelligence (AI) technology to provide bands with all that they would require to facilitate an incredible understanding of the consumer experience (CX). Anything below standard is tied to a lower level of insight.

Business brands need to put into consideration the kind of audience that they target to reach out to as well as draft a comprehensive view of the position that they occupy within the social environment. Here are several techniques that are tailored towards availing specific tools needed by brands to ensure success.

Begin with a Social Listening Approach

The most significant change in marketing strategies within the last ten years may be the transition to consumer-centricity. In the earlier years, focusing on the quality of your brand was already a credible selling strategy. Still, with the emergence of new technology, production was now uniformed across all competing entities. Consumers also increased their demand for products. The advent of social media has also rendered marketing methods that aren’t related to any form of human contact ineffective.

This lack of a human connection makes the strategy quite an intrusive mode of marketing. Consumers are actively using social media as a platform on which they can air their views as well as make purchases and inquiries on products that interest them. Therefore, brands ought to conform to the client’s demands. This development asks that all interactions with consumers be realistic, human, personified, and welcome.

There is a silver lining; however, since all the information that you might need about the consumers is readily available online. All that a business owner needs is some valuable insight, and the right tips at their disposal to get a little taste of business success.

Have a Definite Plan

The first significant step towards knowing exactly who your target audience is and what they want is applying a social listening strategy. Lay down any ideologies of ultimatums such as end-all-be-all. If for instance, you decide to market your products to a specific group of women, say aged between 25-34, you would be assuming that they all share similar interests.

Besides pushing away every woman that isn’t within that bracket, you will also fail to reach out to a large portion of the actual audience you are targeting. Therefore, you should aim to use demographics to establish a reliable framework that will be critical in starting your research. It would help if you also put some energy into adjusting your mentality so that you can pinpoint some of the outliers that exist in the targeted majority.

Seek Valuable Content

Social media analytics companies, such as NetBase, highly recommend that the channel you decide to settle on should serve as a guide for the type of content you intend to offer. This approach is critical if you plan on attracting the attention of your consumers and establishing a healthy relationship with them.

For instance, if you are using Snapchat, you could utilize some of the fun image filters such as the animal ears to give off a young-at-heart impression on those you are targeting. However, that would be flagged as inappropriate on other formal social media analytics platforms such as LinkedIn.

If on Facebook, you could make use of the extended live videos and turn them into an opportunity to help the audience learn about what you do, and at the same time, offer them the entertainment that they would find interesting.

The Facebook feature sends out alerts to your followers to let them know that you have gone live, and this serves as an opportunity to engage with your audience. You have to set aside enough time and strategize on the perfect times to start these online events as well as prepare yourself for any inquiries that the participants may have. Planning is an invaluable approach to ensure guaranteed results from these activities.

NetBase offers you credible market intelligence through its social media analytics tools and helps you have an edge in your consumer interactions and understand how to handle competition within the market.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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