How to Print Messages or Contacts from an Android phone

print message or contacts from Android phone

If you are working with others, in certain situations, you may have to share your Android phone messages and contacts with others. A great way to do so is to print message or contacts from an android phone and leave it to them. And then, as the big boss, you expect that your followers review all the information on the paper that very important order has been printed out from your Android phone. To make them organize and do your order by following the messages indicated working performance on the paper or they need to quickly contact with the boss phone contacts.

Doing so, as the boss, really helps you save much time sending contacts and messages to your followers one by one. As you imagine, you can’t spend a long time to search proper contacts and messages from your Android phone and then send certain of them to some followers and send others to other followers. If you have more than ten followers, you need to stay in the office for a whole day to keep on doing this heavy task. If you pass this task to a specific follower, he will do it the same as you to spend the whole day doing so. That will be too troublesome in distributing work content to your subordinates. You may need to print messages and contacts from an Android phone.


The greatly growing popularity of computers, Android phone, printers, and other equipment have pushed away from handwritten characters in daily life younger people. The printer has been widely used in our daily life and our workplace. How come we do not ask them to help us to solve the problems? By printing out all contacts, your followers will know which one belongs to them and which one is not related to them as per the managers’ arrangement. Moreover, it is easier for managers to mark on the paper with select correct messages and contacts that are printed from the boss Android phone to assign the task and make them remember properly.


It is a very good idea for all managers during their working distributing procedure. But the problem comes with it—how should they print messages and contacts from Android phones? The short-cut solution is to have third-party software on your computer. it is smart enough to abstract Android phone messages and contacts to print out from your computer. The third-party software supports file operation from different systems, which means that it has nothing to do with the system on file transferring and file printing. Specialized third-party software such as MobiKin Assistant for Android enables you to print emails, messages, and contacts you’re your Android phone by tying all the devices together so that you can hand them off between your tablets to your PC, it allows you to transfer contacts from android to PC. It seems to link all your work and home life all the time. MobiKin Assistant for Android can demonstrate how to create client-based applications with simple windows for you to follow.


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