How to Record Whatsapp Calls with Android/iPhone Devices

Record Whatsapp Calls with Android/iPhone Devices

Whatsapp is the favorite chat application of smartphone users and since it is out with new updates its users have increased. The amazing emojis and last seen make this application just WOW!!! But now its users can make Whatsapp Voice and video calls with other WhatsApp users. The best thing about these calls is you do need not to pay anything as it goes over the internet. The easy interface and easy availability make it a strong feature of Whatsapp.

Why Use Whatsapp calling?

  • It is secure
  • Free of cost
  • Connects directly
  • Easy to call

Many people are now searching “How to Record Whatsapp Calls?” As you can’t do it by default on your smartphone. But if we say that it can be possible as you just need the right application for your Android/iPhone device. We are mentioning 2 different methods for Android devices and the only method for iPhone devices to help you with this. Let us check these methods one by one.

Record WhatsApp Calls On Android Devices:


If you are interested in recording your Whatsapp calls on your Android device safely and securely then you will need to visit the play store.

1. Visit the Play store and Search for the Messenger Call Recorder app. Then Download and Install the app.
2. Once the installation completes, you need to open this app and it will ask you to enable the “Messenger Call Recorder” from your device settings.
3. Just Click on “ENABLE NOW” and you will in the device Settings where you can enable it.
Record Whatsapp Calls-1
4. You can also do this manually by going to Device Settings and selecting Accessibility. Here just tap on Messenger Call Recorder to enable it.

Record Whatsapp Calls-2

And the final step-  just make a call and it will be recorded to your device. To check the recordings you need to open the Recorder app and you can see it listed there.

Record Whatsapp Calls-3

Messenger Call Recorder app will help you to record and share your Whatsapp calls on different platforms. 🙂

Record Whatsapp Calls-4

Suggested APP:- Gbwhatsapp apk


For this method, you need to have a special application on your Android device.
Follow these steps to have and enable it.

1. First, you must have this application If don’t then you can download Whatsapp Call Recorder app on your device from here: Download
2. After successful downloading, you need to install it like any application and open it on your Android device.
3. Now you can open your Whatsapp (original) application on your Smartphone and make a call to any of your WhatsApp contact.
4. Here is the trick: when your call gets connected, you need to open the downloaded application i.e. Whatsapp call recorder app, and to record the call Just click on the Red circle button.

Record Whatsapp Calls-5
5. The call will start recording to your device. When you want to stop recording, just click on the square button which is just below the Red button.
6. Once the recording stops it will be automatically saved on your SD Card.

Recording WhatsApp Call On iOS Devices:

You know that iPhone has strong settings and it does not allow such unique experiments so just have a Jailbreak on your iPhone and follow the following steps.

1. Download and Install Cydia. Launch Cydia on your iPhone.
2. Here in Cydia, search and download Watusi in the BigBoss repo.
3. Watusi s is a fully paid application so it will be a great option if you can purchase it, otherwise, you can have it for free from the various sources available on the internet.
4. After successful installation of the Watusi app, just launch the Whatsapp messenger and visit its settings.
5. Here you will find a new option of Watusi Preferences. Here you need to click on the option of Record Calls to enable it.
6. Now, whenever you call using Whatsapp, these calls will be recorded on your device automatically.
7. From the Recent Panels button, you can easily check your recorded calls.

Disclaimer: The above methods mentioned in the post for Android and iPhone devices will help you only while recording WhatsApp calls. We are informing you that these methods will not be able to record cellular calls or other VOIP calls like IMO, Viber, Skype, etc.

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