How To Recover Deleted Facebook Messages, Pictures, And Videos

Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

Hello, friends today I come up with another Facebook trick. I find some queries from the internet, many people want to recover deleted Facebook messages, pictures, and videos. But they don’t know about Facebook’s new feature but here we discuss this feature.

I surely said that when you go on Google and search for the query “how to retrieve Facebook messages” OR “Recover deleted Facebook messages” then you can find lots of fake posts and articles there. This is time-wasting to read fake posts. That’s why I guide you on how you can get back deleted text messages and photos. Continue reading…

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Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

Recover Deleted Facebook Messages, Pictures, And Videos With Date

Follow my easy steps and get back deleted text messages, recover deleted pictures, and videos and also get back your all profile data. If you happened to delete your homework and failed to restore your files, can manage the problem in a couple of hours.

How To Recover Deleted Facebook Messages, Pictures Video Guide:-

1. Login into your Facebook account.

Login into your Facebook account

2. Go to settings after it navigates to General account Settings.

Go to setting

3. Now you can see the Download a copy of your Facebook data, now click on the download a copy link.

Download a copy of your Facebook data

4. After clicking on the link this will open a new page and on this page you can see the download archive button. Click on it, and after clicking it want you your password and ask security questions on Facebook.

download a copy link

5. Now you get the message from Facebook – “the download link will be sent to your email id which you used to create your Facebook account.

6. Wait for a minute, and check your e-mail, now you can see that you received a Message from Facebook with a download link. Click on the download link can download the zip file.
download archive

7. After downloading the zip file extract it and find your lost messages, pictures, and videos 🙂

How To Recover Deleted Facebook Messenger Messages, Pictures, And Videos

It’s important to know how to recover deleted Facebook messages from the web. However, to be honest, most people just use their phones these days, don’t They?

How often do you log into your Facebook on your computer to check your messages? It’s more likely that you use Facebook Messenger to go through your texts. As such, you should also know how to recover deleted Facebook Messenger messages, pictures, and videos.

Below, I’ll show you how to recover deleted Facebook Messenger messages for both Android and iOS users using a simple tool called dr.fone — Recover.

The reason I’m recommending dr.fone is that it’s the world’s leading (and first) data recovery software for both Android and iOS devices. Furthermore, it enjoys the trust of millions of users worldwide and has been developed by Wondershare, a critically acclaimed global enterprise that has even received recognition from valuable outlets such as Forbes, Deloitte, and IDG, amongst many others.

Finally, one of the best parts about using dr.fone is that it doesn’t require you to either jailbreak or root the target phone.

Having said that, you can now read on to find out how to recover deleted Facebook Messenger messages using dr.fone for Android and iOS devices.

How To Recover Deleted Facebook Messenger Messages, Pictures, And Videos using dr.fone — Recover (Android)

You can recover all your deleted Facebook Messenger messages using dr.fone — Recover (Android) by following these given steps.

  1. Install and launch dr.fone. From the main menu, select the option ‘Recover.’
    drfone home
  2. Connect your Android phone to the PC using a data cable, after enabling USB debugging on the phone. dr.fone will automatically detect your phone and take you to the next screen in which you can select all the different file types that you want to recover.

  3. Now you will receive two options: Scan for Deleted Files, or Scan for All Files. The latter will take a longer time, however, it will showcase all the files on your phone currently and the ones that have been deleted. Once you’ve selected an option, click on ‘Next.’

  4. Next, you have to wait patiently as dr.fone analyses your phone and recovers all your deleted data.

  5. Finally, you’ll be taken to a gallery where you can browse through all the deleted data on your phone. You can use the scroller on the left to browse through the folders. Since you want to recover Facebook Messenger messages, you can select the Messages folder. You’ll find all the information and data in the gallery. Select the ones that you want to recover and click on ‘Recover.’

And voila! Now you’ve recovered all your lost Facebook Messenger Messages, Pictures, And Videos! If you have an iOS device instead, you can read the next part.

How To Recover Deleted Facebook Messenger Messages, Pictures, And Videos using dr.fone — Recover (iOS):

You can recover all your deleted Facebook Messenger messages using dr.fone — Recover (iOS) by following these given steps.

  1. Install and launch dr.fone and then click on ‘Recover’ in the main menu.
    drfone home
  2. Now connect your iPhone to the computer using a data cable. dr.fone will automatically detect your phone and take you to the next window in which you can select the file types that you want to recover. Since you want to recover the deleted Facebook Messenger messages, you can click on the ‘Messages & Attachments’ option from the “Deleted Data” option. After making the selections, click on ‘Start Scan.’
    ios recover iphone
  3. Now you have to wait while dr.fone scans your iPhone for lost files. After the scanning is done, you’ll be taken to a gallery. You can use the scroller on the left to navigate between different folders. Enter the relevant folder to go through all your messages, photos, videos, etc.

  4. Once you’ve selected the files you want to recover, click on ‘Recover to Computer’ or ‘Recover to Device’, depending on where you want to send your lost messages.

After this, you’ll find that all your Facebook Messenger messages, pictures, and videos are back where they should be!

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Note: After extracting you will find the. HTML file so double-clicks on the file and choose your browser and see the data. “ IT IS Very EASY” 😀

Final Words!

I hope this guide helps you to solve you big problem on fb. and i am finding new idea for you and my this guide how to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages, Pictures, And Videos With Date for my readers only 🙂 thanks for sending my queries you see that I solve every one query. So send me more…

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  1. Hi Vishal,

    This post is just awesome because many times people delete their videos, messages and photos mistakenly in Facebook which creates a lot of problem but now I think this is issue has also been solved … Just great job but I would like if you write another article on deleting all Facebook messages at a time including conversations with everyone with just a single click …

    Thanks in Advance 😉

    1. Hi,

      I did this, but it didn’t recover the deleted messages. I’m particularly looking for the photos sent inside the messages. Is there another way to recover deleted messages and images?

  2. Hi Vishal,

    I don’t think this method can recover our Facebook data which we deleted, this method helps only to backup our current data, right Vishal?

      1. hi vishal fulwani yr actually i dlt all my msg from facebook inbox and archive also is there any methods to recover all my frnd msgs
        plz rply me its urgent

      2. hi bro,,how can i recover picture messages inside a deleted chat? i am able to recover my messages through this procedure. But unable to recover picture messages of the chat.

      3. Hey vishal plz help me i want to recover my bf fb messages bcoz hi deleted all d msgs plz hlp me i dnt hve his gmail id nd password i hve only his fb account password plz hlp me if u cn do

    1. Hi thanks for sharing. But I didn’t find all my messages that I had deleted from people I had blocked and they had blocked me or photos. I s there any other way I can’t be able to find the Messages?. Plz help me it emergency.

  3. I’d like to know when I do this that if I have to do it on a computer or if I can do it on phone and after I do this, will it all automatically go back into my fb profile or will there just be a copy of everything on a file somewhere. I’m confused of where it will go. Im using my mothers computer to do this but I wonder where in her files it will be and how I will get it all off of there

  4. Thanks for help brother but i have another problem on my fb account while login it always say we cant find your account so what can i do for it please help me.

  5. When messages are deleted, are they removed from Facebook? Is there a way to completely delete messages in facebook? Is it possible to recover messages that have been deleted?
    Thank you,
    Wesley Poff

  6. I got back only few deleted messages from my fb… i want back all those deleted messages…its realy imp for me… please help

    1. Sorry to Say…
      But You are Authorised to Get back all the Deleted Contents including Messages.
      Only the Present Contents are being Available for the Backup !
      Thanks !

  7. Thank you for the trick but on the message nothing show up and I know there was some. Also doesn’t show the previous picks.
    Can u pls open a Facebook side if I know the profile link?
    Thank you !!!!

  8. Hello vishal
    Thanks for this awesome tricks. Before read your post. I think that was not possible to recover facebook message, photo etc. Now I have learn something new about Facebook. Thanks bro.

  9. Bro i follow your trick but Bro msg post’s tu aa gaye h but conversation may receive ke gaye picx recover ni hote plz Bro i need your help plz reply me m waiting

  10. Hi is there a way I can retrieve pictures from a deleted facebook account?
    I deleted my facebook account and now my PC crashed on me so I lost my pictures and they were all on my FB account. Is there any way I can get these?

  11. Hi Vishal!!!
    thanks for this easy trick that was very helpful . i recovered all my deleted data.

  12. It says can not open file. I tried to email the file to myself and it says couldn’t send attatchment


  13. This is bullshit and nothing to do with recovering deleted messages. This i only how to backup your Facebook profile. You should rename it to “How to backup Facebook Messages, Pictures And Videos” because that is what you actually are describing here.

  14. i liked ur explanation about recovery. But i want to delete messages permanently including with ur explanation sir. After deleting what i want to do for permanent deleting(without recovery). Plese tell ur reply soon pls sir.

  15. Hi vishal i have downloaded the data but i was unable to open that file whenever i try to open that file i see a notification that file can’t be open….can u please help???

  16. There no such a kind of Download archive … Account settings >general …so please help me out .I need the backup of my conversation which I deleted before.

    1. Yes I have been waiting for this also. Also how far back of deleted messages can be retrieved? This is time sensitive for me. Please help

  17. Hi vishal
    My name is niharika I am using a Facebook account but from a long time I am not able to use my account due to some reason my account is permanently blocked. I don’t know the reason why its done. Pls help me to out of this problem.

  18. hi !! i don’t remember the password of email id which i had used to create Facebook account.
    pls help

  19. hey vishal
    there is just one problem
    I tried this trick on my phone browser but as u said in the general setting there will be a fill but in my account there is no file so do I need an computer to do so or there is something else ??
    help me would u ??

  20. Bro.. My first id all mgs are recovered, but my second id mgs all are not recovered.. But i need all.. Any possible trick?

  21. Hi, please help cannot find button to download general archive? Need to recover deleted messages.

  22. yr….

    sare msgs to mil gye lkin msg box me bheje gye photos ni mil pa rhe … agr use b dhundhna ho to plzz help ,e yr….

  23. My fb had been hacked by some one and they got all my personal details and all my deleted conversation…………. because of that i am getting scared. so place tell me a way to delete all the conversations permanently from the data. I am expecting a help full idea

  24. HI, I was wondering whether it gives time according to the country time? i took the contact info using that method but i cant figure out whether the time is given according to my country GMT or not? can u pls help?

  25. I can able only to recover 2016 messages i have deleted before…. i couldn’t able to recover previous year deleted messages

  26. Hi I want to restore my Facebook messages I follow your instructions but I couldn’t able to recover previous year deleted messages. Plzz plzz help me

    1. sir mere fb account me mail id add nhi hai
      ky main email id aad kar ke apne delete hue chest photos and video recover kar sakta hu pleae help me urgent

  27. Hi Vishal Fulwani

    Thank you for this wonderful trick..

    I’ve never thought that there’s a way on how I could retrieved my deleted messages not until I saw your post..

    You’re doing a great job!

  28. Hi Bro actually I deleted all my msg from facebook inbox and archive also is there any methods to recover all my frnd msgs
    plz help me and reply me it’s urgent

  29. My Facebook message if delete
    But argent information here
    So what do
    Get all delete message back
    Please help me….
    Please ….
    And m try to this way
    But not my message back…..

    So please tell me another way

  30. Through the process i just found photos that i have in my fb account.i badly need the chatting inbox sms and photos,how can i get this,plz inform me.

  31. Dear, there is no such option for downloading in General Setting . plz clear it hw to get this link in general setting. Plz

  32. I tried this process and it only gives you a download of what you have uploaded at the moment, not what you ave deleted previously.

  33. First of all thankyou very much for your amezing helpfull idea.
    Now i fellow all of your instructions and I get some videos And photos but i don’t get any text messages. Do i miss to do something or is this unable to get text recovery? If you have any idea can you explain for me? Please
    Thankyou dear
    Good bless you

  34. hi vishal..
    my one & one conversation del. i folllow all ur tips. all msg show bt one convesation not recover. why? plz help

  35. It seems that messages are “recoverable” into the file sent from facebook official website, only if the messages are still in our mailbox…we don’t need to recover messages if we still have those in our mailbox.

  36. i have found my deleted massages but how can i restore these massages into their place?? i mean i want to restore these massages in my account…

    1. How did you find your deleted messages from Facebook messenger I’m not good with computers but desperately need these messages

  37. I tried this , But nothing found except the current copy . Tell me if there is any possibility to get back privious msg,phots

  38. Hi, thanks for nice idea but still I could not restore my FB inbox msgs which deleted and I just found except the current copy . Tell me if there is any possibility to get back previous msgs pictures and some text.

  39. Hi Vishal,

    Thank you for this. But, I don’t think it retrieved my deleted files but just the contents that are still on my facebook(not deleted). Hope you can still help me with this, I want to restore my deleted files way back 5 years ago, would that be possible?


  40. My fb account is hacked and delete the my gf message and photos and her name from fb,how can I get it back

  41. yes it worked!!!!!!!!!! but the sad part is i want to recover messages of 2014 but they recovered only 2017 and 2016

    1. Hey how could u recover msgs..
      Tell me
      I’m opening general account settings and there is no option shown.
      Help me out pls

  42. Hi,
    I’m struggling to get my Facebook files back, but I just can’t see the “Download a copy of your Facebook data”
    Can you please help.

  43. I appreciate the information, and was really excited to possibly recover a thread I deleted in frustration last Friday am. After several different attempts, I was able to get the zip file and after reviewing all night, what was deleted was still deleted. Just the new text I had sent her. My hopes were up.

  44. Dear i have my ID on my number… no email whatsoever… want to recover my deleted facebook messages… kindly tell me the complete procedure… thank u in advance ..

  45. Hi, is there any possibility to retrieve the messages that were deleted? If I download the archive it shows only the current messages. There should be a way..or maybe a facebook real email to maje the request. Please advise .Thanks

  46. bro good trick but I cant get photos that were send to me on facebook something 4 or 5months back please bro give a trick to recover them too please bro they were very important for me

  47. Yeah it just fails and WANTS me to to do the rooting which i dont want to cause the risks it can have on my phone. You really made it sound like it would work flawlessly but it does not. I was really hoping it would work 🙁

  48. Hi Vishal, tried your input to download info from FB but the deleted archived messages and photos are not there. Is there any other way I’m able to recover those deleted archived messages and photos? Please help. Thank you.

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