How to Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages from Facebook Messenger

We use Facebook on a regular basis, and we do a lot of things on Facebook like chatting with friends. Chatting is a very convenient feature on Facebook, but sometimes it is possible that you mistakenly delete the messages that you have sent or received. So if you want to retrieve your deleted Facebook Messages, then you are in the right place.

Retrieving Facebook Messages is very easy if you follow our guide carefully. So read the full article to on How you can recover or retrieve deleted Facebook Messages.

Facebook also launched Facebook Messenger separately for all the chatting and video/Audio calling. This Facebook client for messaging comes very handily if your sole priority is to chat with friends on Facebook.

So if you are one of that person who chats most of the time on Facebook then you might be having some messages which can be very important to you and in case you have deleted them intentionally or intentionally, you can retrieve them easy with our method to retrieve deleted Facebook Messages.

Losing Facebook Messages can be a little annoying if those deleted messages meant a lot to you. But it is possible to Retrieve Facebook Messages. You can use our method on your Android device and with the help of it you can recover your precious Facebook messages.

Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages on your Android devices. Here’s our guide below:

Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages from Facebook Messenger

  1. The first thing you need to do is download ES file explorer from Google Play store.
  2. Download and Install ES File Explorer and launch the app.
    download ES file explorer
  3. Now go to Android folder in File Explorer.
    go to Android folder
  4. Open Android folder and go to DATA folder.go to DATA folder
  5. You will find your apps folder in Data, simply open Facebook Facebook Folder
  6. Open Facebook Folder and then go to Cache folder in which you will find “fb_temp”.fb_temp
  7. ‘fb_temp” is where Facebook automatically restore all your Facebook messages. You can simply use this file to recover all your deleted facebook messages.

If your files are not retrieved from the “fb-temp” file, then you can log out your facebook profile and then log in again.

Now you can get back all those lost messages on Facebook. So here is the way to Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages on your Android devices. Hence, if you somehow lost your important Facebook conversations, then here we shared the trick to get them back without any efforts.

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  1. Thank u Vishal fulwani , this post is amazing.
    I need this it’s very useful for me.
    I always delete messages then think,OMG I were need this message.
    this post helping me to Retrieve messages.

    rahul pandey

  2. Please share your contact number personally. I really need the fb deleted messages very badly. I am in very big problem. I really need it urgently. The messages that I have shared were deleted and are gone or deleted in other person’s cell and even my cell I have deleted completely. Somehow need it. I tried es explorer has not worked, download a copy of data also has not retrieved. What has to be done??my email,

    please share your contact so I can call and know and need to recover the data, I am ready pay you money if you resolve the issue.

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