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  1. Thank u Vishal fulwani , this post is amazing.
    I need this it’s very useful for me.
    I always delete messages then think,OMG I were need this message.
    this post helping me to Retrieve messages.

    rahul pandey

  2. The inventors on these exhibits are largely pros having a
    several amateurs thrown in and they include most of the encounter on the planet.

  3. Please share your contact number personally. I really need the fb deleted messages very badly. I am in very big problem. I really need it urgently. The messages that I have shared were deleted and are gone or deleted in other person’s cell and even my cell I have deleted completely. Somehow need it. I tried es explorer has not worked, download a copy of data also has not retrieved. What has to be done??my email,

    please share your contact so I can call and know and need to recover the data, I am ready pay you money if you resolve the issue.

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