Retro Photo Effects Photoshop Tutorial (Beginners Guide)

Retro Photo Effects Photoshop Tutorial

If you want to make your image effective with retro effect you can easily make this by my simple tutorial. This is my tutorial on retro photo effects Photoshop tutorial. In This month I decided to make tutorial on Photoshop. Photoshop is an awesome tool to edit and add effects in image to make more attractive photos.

Recently I made lots of tutorial on light effect, summer fashion effects etc. you can search my Photoshop tutorial on my search bar just type Photoshop tutorials. Let’s start this to make retro effect.


How To Make Retro Photo effects Photoshop Tutorial:

1.  Today I am using this three image, you can download it –

2.  Now open all images in Photoshop, click on wood texture and press CTRL+U.

3. After it widget appears Now set Hue= -13, Saturation = -25, Lightness= -30 see image below-

4. Now we will edit model image click on model image and drag and drop the vintage texture on it.

5. Now change the blending mode to color burn. And set opacity 40%.

6. Now make new layer and press CTRL+A to select full image. After it goto edit and click on stroke, and set this setting. (Width= 15PX, Color= white, Location=inside).

7. Now make duplication on background layer and hind original layer, after it select all these layers (Background, layer1, layer2) and right click and select merge image option. Now drag and drop it onto wood texture image.

8. Now use move tool to set model image in center and resize it.

9. Now select model image and go to blending option, and click on drop shadow. Set this setting see image below –

10. Now right click on model layer & select “convert to smart object”.

11. Now make a duplication of the smart object layer by pressing CTRL+J.  Now press CTRL+T to resize/position the image.

12.  Now make another duplicate image and after do same as well doing in (step 11). After it image looks like that –

13. Select create a new fill or adjustment layer, then select solid color, choose black and hit OK.

14. Now go to filter – >Render – > then lens flare. And Hit ok, now set position and setting which I set see image below –

15. Now change the blending mode to screen. Click on lens flare layer and press CTRL+U and set this setting (Hue= -96, Saturation = -32, Lightness= -8).

16. Now click on wood layer, now create a new fill or adjustment layer. Then gradient. Set below image settings. And change opacity to 85%.

That’s it all is done! 😀

Final Wors!

If you like this tutorial on Retro Photo Effects Photoshop Tutorial then please share this with your friends on Facebook and google plus and also if you have any query then comment below i will solve your problems very soon.

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