How To Easily Root Samsung Galaxy S4 [Step By Step Guide]

root samsung galaxy s4

Do you want to root Samsung Galaxy S4? Ok If your answer is YES. Now you are in the right place to root your s4 and install more apps on your device ๐Ÿ™‚ ย S4 is a very popular and smarter smartphone. This phone’s hardware is very good. S4 never hangs while I am running 10 apps together.

While gaining root access to your Galaxy S4 will give you far more control over it, it does come with a set of risks.ย  You do run the risk of making your Samsung Galaxy S4 into nothing more than a very expensive ornament. You will most likely void the warranty on it as well. If you are a bit of an expert at rooting devices and/or are game to give it a go, hereโ€™s how to do it.


Step By Step Guide to rooting Galaxy S4

Note- First of all backup your device data before rooting itโ€™s important to secure data because in this proses you can lose your data.

1.ย  Download Samsung USB Drivers to ensure that your Samsung mobile is recognized by your operating System.

2.ย  Now Download Odin. This is a utility software that enables you to flash system software, including recoveries, across Samsung devices.

3. Now you need to download the CF-Auto root zip file. This helps you to fastest and easy way to root your device. Download the version for your specific Galaxy S4 model:

These all are single zip files If you want to download the Full package of rooting. Click on the Download button to download my file ๐Ÿ˜€

Click Here To Download RootPack

3. Now prepare your device to be rooted, Open settings -> About tablet, and navigate to the build number. Tab on 7 times and the developer option will be unlocked ๐Ÿ™‚

4. Now go to setting -> developer option -> Enable USB Debugging.

5. You now need to reboot and restart your Galaxy S4 into Download Mode. Switch the phone off and hold the volume down button together with Power and Home.

6. Launch Odin on your computer, and connect your Galaxy S4 to your PC.

7. In Odin, you will see ID: Com goes yellow. It will then show you the Com port of your Galaxy S4

8. Click on PDAย  and choose the version of CF-Auto root that you downloaded and unzipped (look for a *.tar.md5 extension)

9. Ensure that Repartition has not gotten a check mark against it; AutoReboot and F.Reset Time must have check marks against them.

10. Select start and Odin automatically starts the process.

11. When Odin has finished your Galaxy S4 will reboot and a red Android logo will appear.ย  DO NOT TOUCH IT. Allow it to finish the procedure; It will restart a final time when it has completed the process.

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This is the process to root your S4 now all done ๐Ÿ˜€ Now click on the menu and see SuperSU installed, It means your galaxy S4 is successfully rooted. Install root checker basic, launch it and, if you get a message from SuperSU requesting root access, the procedure has been successful.ย  Now you can take a look at this list of apps for rooted Android devices.

Final Words!

This trick helps you โ€“ how can you root Samsung Galaxy S4? This is a very easy guide to root your device by Odin. Odin is a good application software to root s4. Rooting opens a door to take the smartphone into another world, after rooting you can install more apps and do hacking with your phone, and also delete your preinstalled unwanted apps ๐Ÿ™‚

Note: – Again I say that carry this out at your own risk. Because after rooting you lose your warranty.

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