How To Root Sony xperia M Dual Smart Phone

Root Sony xperia M Dual Smart Phone

Rooting is process to unlock your sony xperia m to access more apps in your device. This is like you are administrator of the device if you don’t have root access then you are not a admin of your mobile phone. That’s why I am sharing this trick how to root sony xperia m dual phone 🙂


Rooting Benefits In Sony Xperia M Dual :

  • Remove those aps witch is preinstalled in your mobile by sony manufactures.
  • Increase your storage space.
  • Increase your device battery life
  • Increase your phone performance by removing unnecessary app witch built in apps.
  • Upgrade your android os like change your os 4.2 to 4.4 kitkat 🙂

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Do This Before Rooting:

  1. Take backup of your phone.
  2. Charge your device up to 70%.
  3. This rooting tricks works on sony xperia m dual, Do not try this on another firmwork.
  4. Now download this pack

Rooting Sony Xperia M Dual:

After downloading file and taking necessary steps. Now just follow below steps to root your device.

  • Extract on your desktop.
  • Now Enable USB Debugging. Go to your xperia settings-> developer option -> enable USB Debugging.
  •  Connetct your device to your computer (Make sure you have Sony USB drive installed in your PC)
  •  now go to Impactor folder and double click on Impactor.exe.
  •  Choose # drop SuperSU su to /system/xbin/su from the drop-down menu.
  •  now click on start button in Cydia Compactor app.
  •  After taking some time Cydia Compactor app completed process. After it reboot your device. And check your device is rooted or not? Go to play store and install supersSU app in your xperia.

How Can Unroot Sony Xperia M Dual:

  1. Open the SuperSU app in your mobile
  2. Now go to setting tab.
  3. Under the cleanup option you can see Full Unroot option
  4. Now click on it and reboot your mobile.

Final Words!

 This is very easy method to root sony xperia m dual and enjoy fully unlock sony smart phone.make sure after rooting you lose your phone warranty. Please do this trick on your own risk. If you have any problem please contact me I’ll help you.

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  1. If some problems like….
    If the phone unfortunately switch off when access the root process then,
    What are the problems create after this… And tell me the disadvantages of root

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