How to root your LG device?

root your LG device

So you want to root your LG device with ease? We have a one-click root solution for you. So if you want to know how to root your Android device and all the benefits of rooting your device, then keep reading this article.

LG has a wide range of smartphones from budget-oriented to high-end flagship smartphones. Almost every LG smartphone runs on the Android operating system. You can expect every smartphone to get root access whether it is LG, Samsung, or Sony. You can root every Android smartphone.

  • Download Drfone software for free: Nowadays there are plenty of root tools available for Android. But the most reliable rooting tool is one click root script, and we will use this tool to root LG devices. However, there is a great alternative of one click root script which you can also find later in this article, and thought the alternative is DrFone.
  • Root your LG devices with one click: This one-click root script is compatible with LG smartphones like LG G Series and other budget/mid-range LG smartphones like LG spirit, LG volt, and a lot more. Rooting your device is a complex process, and we all want something which makes the rooting process as simple as possible.
    Dr. Fone by wondershare provides that simple process for rooting your device. You can just root your LG device with one click. The one-click root script has a new version 1.3 which has a new system UI and supports newer LG phones. You can also use the previous v1.2 of the one-click script, and it will work without any issues.

One click root script is a very easy-to-use tool, and it is free to download. The size of this file is just 5.7 MB so it won’t take much storage in your smartphone.

There few things you should do before performing the rooting process:

  1.     Back up all your data on your phone. This will not delete or remove any data from your phone after rooting your device.
  2.    You have to charge your phone up to 50% or more. Since the rooting process needs power processing, your battery will drain quickly.
  3.    Download a USB driver on your computer. You don’t have to download it if you already installed a USB driver.
  4.    Enable USB debugging by going to settings>Developer option>USB debugging.
  5.    Download one click root script from here

How to root your LG device using one click root script:

  1.    Open the downloaded file and extract it to your computer.
    extract file
  2.    Now connect your LG smartphone to your personal computer where one script root is installed. Connect your smartphone with the help of a USB cable.
  3.    Now browse and run the one-click root script version 1.3 on your PC by double-clicking on LG root script.bat.
    start lg one click rooting
  4.    Now click on the start button, and the process will begin. Follow the instructions which will show on the screen to finish the process.
  5.    After all these, one click root script will be successfully done on your LG smartphone.
    LG one click root finished

Now your LG device is successfully rooted with the help of one click root script.

If in any case, one click root script doesn’t seem to work then don’t worry, we have a great alternative method. Yes, as I’ve mentioned above, dr.fone is a great rooting tool that provides lots of features.

DrFone download

DrFone is a one-click rooting method, and it supports over 7000 devices. It is Hassle-free, and it is available for free. So download the wondershare DrFone toolkit on your PC.

Here are the steps to root your Android smartphone with DrFone

  1.    Launch the toolkit and connect your smartphone via a USB cable. If you have Android 4.2.2 or above, then you need to allow USB debugging.
  2.    Now select “Root” in the menu of DrFone toolkit.
    drfone home page
  3.    Now, wait for your device to connect to your PC via the DrFone toolkit.
     device to connect to your PC
  4.    Now simply click on “start” and DrFone will be ready to root your device.
     click on start
  5.    Click on the root, and your device will start rooting.
     click on root
  6. After the Whole process, you will get the root process completed message.
     root process completed

How to unroot android device:

DrFone also lets you unroot your device although not many people want to unroot their device you will certainly get your warranty back by unrooting your Android device. So here are the steps to unroot your device using DrFone.

  1.    In the DrFone toolkit, select the root option and connect your rooted device to your PC.
    connect your rooted device to your PC
  2.    After the tool detect your device simply tap on “unroot” and your DrFone will start the process of unrooting your Android device.

While performing this method you might get lots of pop-up messages to allow the task. Simply tap on allow, and you are good to go. DrFone and one-click root script work on all Android devices.

Apart from DrFone and a one-click root script, other alternatives can help you root your android phone. You can read about them on Techno Philes Blog. The site has a multitude of articles that will keep you updated on the latest happenings in the tech world.


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