Find Copyright Free Images For your Website By Google Image Search

copyright free images from google image search

In this article you will get to know about copyright images and how to find copyright free images for your website by google image search.

Image are very useful for making blog attractive and SEO friendly. A good image attract your readers and clear about your content. One mistake we do is we go to Google image search and use our keyword to find an image. All newbie bloggers don’t know about copyright image and DMCA. They download those images and use it on our blog/websites. It’s a big mistake by newbies they don’t know images they download are copyright or not.

The image own can file DMCA complaint against you, or send a DMCA notice to your hosting. Because you cannot use a copyright image without any permission of owner of img. Better idea that you use copyright free images for your website /blog. Google advance image search tool helps you to find copyright free images for website. I will give you proper guide to find royalty freeimages….


According to Google official annulment:-

Today, we’re launching a feature on Image Search to help you find images that you can use for free, while respecting the wishes of artists and creators. This feature allows you to restrict your Image Search results to images that have been tagged with licenses like Creative Commons, making it easier to discover images from across the web that you can share, use and even modify. Your search will also include works that have been tagged with other licenses, like GNU Free Documentation license, or are in the public domain.

How To Find Copyright Free images for your website

To find loyalty free images is very easy the Google image search do that job easily. See image below to get idea how its work and you can do that way to find free image. Follow my steps –

1.Go to Google image search.

2.Click on advance settings to go on advance image search page.

3.Now enter you keyword, there are many option like size, ratio, colour, type and many more.

4.Under the “usage rights option” you can select the “Free to use and share” option and click on advance search, select your image which you want to download. And enjoy free non-copyright images 🙂

advanced image search

Final Words!

I hope this tutorial helpful for newbie blogger. If you have AdSense approved blog then be sure don’t use Copyright images on your blog because Google AdSense delete your account for copyright issues. Check my easy guide how to Find Copyright Free Images for your Website by Google Image Search. Thank you friends for visiting on my blog 🙂

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  1. Copyright images is the most common issues with bloggers and internet marketers. Adding content to blog on regular basis is important for starting days and for content we also need good looking images.

    Getting good and matched images is not that much easy. You can make your search end only if you are creative with your awesomeness otherwise you have to kill a lot of time in just finding the right image for your blog posts.

    Finding copyright free images is the toughest job for a blogger and I must say you hit the nail Vishal. Thanks for putting your efforts in making this post so useful and shareable.

    PS: Your post image is looking damn good. It’s showing how creative you are with your work. Keep it up the good things.

    Have A Great Weekend.
    ~ Ankit

  2. Well, I must say Vishal, its a very nice effort and it will surely help us all in the positive means as copyright images is one of the biggest with bloggers these days ….

    I am sure, I will try it …. !

    Thanks for sharing with us ….

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