Pop Ads: New Tool to Monetize your Website Pop Ads: New Tool to Monetize your Website

Are you looking for alternative monetization method to increase your total revenue? How do monetize your website? Is it working good enough for you? Well, it is very important to monetize your blog to get the deserving revenue every day. Today I am going to share you the latest monetizing method for a website launched by, which can actually help you to make extra earnings out of your blog.

Not only for bloggers but for every active internet users it can be one of the best methods to make money. Just by signing up for and using the URL Shortener and share the link with a friend and in the social media to get paid.


What’s new at ?

Recently had launched new blog monetizing method, which is named as Pop Ads. After you enable the newly added feature, your users of your blog will see a pop-up, which opens in a new window. is a URL shortening website which helps bloggers to earn handsome money by just shortening their website link and placing the link on different social media. If anyone clicks on the shortened link, then they will be redirected to the URL, for that click you will be getting paid.

Steps to Get Started with Pop Ads

If you are a beginner to monetize your blog using then, check out the steps to get started. It Is very easy to get started with, here I will share you some easy steps:

Step 1. First you need to do is, Join and Signup for new account on

Step 2. Secondly, click on “Tools” from the right side corner.

Step 3. Now, you need to click on “Website monetization”.

Step 4. Now scroll down and you will see “Pop Ads”.

Step 5. Turn “On” the Pop Ads.

Step 6. Now click on “Generate Script” and Copy the code in your website.

These are the simple steps by which you can get started with This pop

Tips to monetize your website using also offers more three types of Ads for monetizing your blog. Let us Know more in details.

  1. Link Ads: These Link Ads allows you to short all types of a link from your website, and there are also 2 more modes in it. First is including domains and the second one is excluding domains while monetizing your website.
  2. Entry Ads: When you receive a good amount of traffic on your website this option can be a good option to make decent extra earnings along with other alternatives make money online.
  3. Exit Ads: Exit ads help your blog in monetizing your bounce rate, when some users leave your website within a few seconds. It is a good monetization method because your experience is not affected while using this method.
  4. Pop-up ads: Pop-up ads is a newly added feature at which allows user to monetize their website with the latest feature to increase the revenue vastly. It is highly beneficial for publishers to earn extra money out of it. But it is not recommended to use if you want give good user experience to all your users because sometimes it’s annoying for users. is a good alternative and genuine way to make money online, but it cannot be considered as the main source of earning. But it can be used as the alternative way to may extra money like if you are making 1000$ out of your blog, using the same traffic and without leaving any bad impact on other source of earnings you can make extra 100$ with them.

In such ways it can help you in making extra money by better website monetization.

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