3 Secrets Tips To Speed Up Chrome Browser

Speed Up Chrome Browser

Google Chrome is the most powerful and smoother Browser in the web world. If you are using the internet in chrome, I am sure you have experienced that it is the fastest browser. If are not using it then I suggest you install it. You must have thought after using it that’s why chrome is the fastest web browser. If you are thinking about this question in your mind. Let me tell you how Google does this.  DNS Protocol is being used by Google to speed up loading time. It owns a content-catching protocol to catch heavy java pages and we see that chrome does not load page slowly when you paste the URL and hit enter, Google first takes some seconds and after it, the page instantly appear. Google Chrome doesn’t take buffering time 🙂

But sometimes Google chrome behaves like It is an enemy of yours and it starts working slowly LoL that’s a little disadvantageous for Chrome users Why it is behaving like this? Now I’m telling you why its functioning become slow. Follow my 3 secrets tips to speed up the chrome browser.

speed up chrome browser

Secrets Of Speeding Up Google Chrome Browser

1.) Disable Chrome Unwanted Extensions

If your browser is taking too much time on starting and loading a page. Then I’m damn sure you installed too many extensions in your web browser. Now it’s time to remove it 🙂  and get back chrome speed J how can you do that? See below –

  • Open your chrome and click on this icon after it clicks on tool -> Extensions.
  • You can also put this address in the browser to open the extensions tab.
  • Now you will see all extensions.
  • Unchecked the extensions which you don’t want in your browser and that you also don’t use at present.

2.) Disable Chrome Unused Plugin

The plugin is a third-party program that slows down your browser speed. If you have installed too many plugins. You may have to uninstall it. Because Plugin always running in the background. But chrome doesn’t show at which time which plugin is running. You just look at your plugin and remove unwanted plugins. How to do that?

  • Open your browser and write the following URL in the address bar.
  • chrome://plugins/
  • Select the plugin and delete it.

3.) Clear your chrome Browsing data

Every browser collects browser history, cache, and website data. If you delete all this you see that your browser runs faster.

  • Follow these steps to clear your browsing history:
  • Click on this icon and then select the History button.
  • Now click on clear browser history-> then checked all of the checkboxes and click on clear browsing data.

Now all is done. You can see your browser speed will be increased 🙂

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Final Words!

I hope This article helps you to ho can you speed up your chrome browser. Chrome is an awesome browser to use the internet and download files to play online games. follow my instruction and enjoy it D

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