Summer Fashion Photoshop Tutorials For Beginners

Summer Fashion Photoshop Tutorials

I’m back with another Photoshop tutorials. In this summer I think I made new effect for summer. It’s called summer effect 🙂 this is very simple trick and I made it by without using brushes and another tools. I made this effect using solid layers and blending modes. Try my summer fashion Photoshop tutorials to make your photo more eye catchy.


Summer Fashion Photoshop Tutorials:

1. Open photoshop and open any image, you can download image which I used.

2. Now create copy of background layer and hide original layer.

3. Select “create a new fill or adjustment layer”. Then select hue/saturation and set saturation 25 and lightness 10.

4. Now again select “create a new fill or adjustment layer”. Then select solid color, and set color. I’m going to use a yellow color (use this code = #fff372).

5. After it set the blending mode to multiply on solid yellow color layer and set opacity to 80%.

6. Now again select “create a new fill or adjustment layer”. Then select solid color, I’m set it to purple color.

7. Now change the blending mode to lighten on purple layer. Now set opacity 50% and fill 50%.

8. Now once more select “create a new fill or adjustment layer”. Then select solid color, now set color to blue (use this web code #578aff), then hit ok.

9. Change blending mode to color dodge and down your opacity of this layer to 50% and also set fill to 50%.

Now all is done see image you made 😀  –


Summer Fashion Effect Photoshop Tutorials

Final Words!

I hope you loved this Photoshop tutorial on Summer Fashion Photoshop Tutorials. As I said that I only use blending modes and solid color layer you see that I used these only. Blending mode is must important to make more effective images. If you want learn more Photoshop tutorial then wait and bookmark my site to get more ideas.

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