SysTools Outlook Recovery software – Product Review

Outlook Recovery By SysTools

SysTools Outlook Recovery  – Product Review

SysTools Outlook Recovery program from SysTools Group is a rescue plan that can be adopted in case of Outlook Data File corruption, deletion of data from within the file, or any other cause leading to its inaccessibility. A freeware version accompanies the tool for its trial and testing before the investment is made upon its purchase. Several options featured by the tool help support a complete recovery and restoration of PST file data, as observed in its testing.


However, when tested on an environment of a 32 Bit Lenovo Laptop with an Intel Core i3 processor configured with Windows 7 Ultimate OS version, several pros along with a few cons were discovered about the application. The latter segment of the review will be discussing the same to help you discover more about the application in-depth.

Things To Know About Outlook Recovery By SysTools

Recoverable PST Files

Outlook Data Files of both formattings are supported for recovery. PST files of ANSI formatting i.e. with 2 GB of file size limitation as well as Unicode PST files imposed with extendable storage memory; both can be used for performing data recovery. The software doesn’t demand a particular format of PST but rather asks for a PST file irrespective of its Outlook version.

This indicates the support provided for all Outlook client versions by Outlook Recovery.


Available In Two Versions

The availability of this software is in two different versions that are special in serving a purpose each. Download and Purchase are the two editions SysTools offers with its Outlook data recovery tool that can further be accounted as Demo and Licensed versions respectively.

While the former can be downloaded and used for free software demonstration though with limitations. The latter one, on the other hand, intends to offer complete and limitless data recovery and restoration on being purchased.


Performance and Accuracy

There was no fault detected in the performance of Outlook Recovery in the testing environment which was neither too high-tech nor too basic. Hence, operating the software on any Windows OS wouldn’t change the performance any bit.

NOTE: Users now working on Mac / Linux Operating Systems having an archive Outlook PST file are suggested to move it over to a Windows-based platform to perform recovery operations on it due to the tool’s Windows Only support.

Licenses for Purchase

Making a purchase of the software under a Personal License limits its activation on one computer machine whether a desktop computer/laptop. However, for configuration over multiple machines, the purchase of the software has to be made in either a Business or Enterprise License respectively which happens to cost more than the Personal License.


The hardware and software requirements of the software are comparatively lesser than most applications of its category. However, it does require Microsoft Outlook installation as well as configuration and fails to work without it being available on the performing system.

Although, the software works with orphan PST files too but still requires MS Outlook support on the backend regardless of its version.

TIP: Even a dummy profile configuration is enough to run the software.



Having an interface similar to that of Microsoft, the software automatically becomes easier on the operational end as only Outlook users would use it. Even though you have not been an Outlook user previously, the single interface of the software makes its operations simpler and understandable anyway.


The Working And Rating

Recovery of PST files using this software is executable merely within 5 simple steps that include the following:

  1.  Add File: Click on the Add Button, and using the Browse option you have to add the corrupt PST file on the software.
  2. Scan File: Choose the desired type of file scan for PST as per the requirement.
  3. Preview Data: Preview the scanned and recovered data on the software panel.
  4. Choose Export: Choose the format to export from PST/MSG/EML files respectively.
  5. Filter Data: Select the respective filter according to the output file type and proceed to export.

Based on the software testing, a complete conclusion would include both pros as well as cons. However, the cons were of negligible amount while the pros seem to be highlighting the software more. Evaluating the functions and steps involved in recovering data from corrupt PST files, I would like to rate the software 9.5 on a scale of 10; summing up the few flaws detected on the startup due to software prerequisites.

Bottom Line

SysTools Outlook Recovery software is a fantastic application according to my observational skills and the experience I have in understanding IT solutions. However, a few flaws also accompany the software regardless of its immeasurable precision and accuracy at recovering PST files.

Although, the flaws detected in the application’s dependency ratio over MS Outlook fail to suppress its pluses; it is still highly recommended to make needful changes to the areas pointed out to make the tool more proficient in its field.


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