Tips To Save Or Reduce Your Mobile Data Usage

Save Or Reduce Your Mobile Data Usage

This is an article in which we have described the tips to save or reduce mobile data usage and why one need it or why its necessary..

All the things like chatting, watching youtube videos, downloading apps, checking web pages on phone and many other things only can done by your smartphone or tablet if you have internet connection or mobile data, That’s why we take monthly data plan like of 1GB, 2GB and many others to run multiple things on our mobile devices.

But most of us faced the problem of finishing mobile data before completing the month due to consumption of data by unnecessary apps which are not of our use or installing apps which consume high amount of data and unnecessary notifications. So here we have mentioned some trick or ways to reduce your mobile data usage, by using these ways your data will run upto the end of the month and you will able to manage your mobile data in an effective way.


A lot of small-business owners provides data plans for Mobile and other web enabled device to their employees by paying own, can get very expensive for the owner, according to a survey 54 percent of small company’s mobile budgets get consumed by data plans. So for small business owners as well as for individuals we take some excellent mobile data saving ideas that will help you a lot.

Lets have a look on these mobile data saving tricks

Turn on Wi-Fi

If you use wi- fi it will save a lot of your data, like if your in a restaurant, college or at any other place where wi-fi is available than why you waste your mobile data, simply turn on the wi-fi and use the free internet connectivity. It will save your mobile data as well as you can watch high data consuming videos, can check websites via wi-fi network.

Close unnecessary apps

There are a lot of apps which  you have installed in your phones but you are not using these apps also eat your mobile data, so close or uninstall those apps which are not of your use and consuming necessary data. By doing this you will not save only mobile data, it will increase your phone battery life too.

Download apps consuming less data

Instead of using apps which consumes a hug amount of data try to download apps use less data and work same as of high data consuming apps. For example to keep in touch with your friends by chatting use apps like Whats app, iMessage and BlackBerry Messenger, these apps consume less data and are cost effective and user friendly.

Use a Laptop or computer

If you have broadband connection, laptop or computer at your home than use computer as much you can, Do not open the social networking website like Facebook, Twitter on your mobile device. Use laptop or computer to open these high data consuming sites and save your mobile data usage. Even using computer or Laptop is far better than smartphone or tablet.

Turn off background data

While we use our phone make it consider that you turn off the programmed and apps were opened in background, these apps and programs eat the mobile data and also suck your mobile battery life. So turn off the unnecessary notifications, stock quotes, weather updates or any such kind of things which use your mobile data in huge quantity.

Disable data in Roaming

When you go out of sate or out of country consider the roaming rate of that are, use the data there if you have proper plan for roaming but if you are incurring charges in roaming than turn off the data and save your mobile bill.

I mentioned the all possible ways that can help you in saving your mobile data, so use these tricks on your mobile devices and enjoy your mobile data upto the end of the month.

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  1. Hi Vishal,
    Your post is very interesting, I think if we used all given point we can save our lots of data, many time I am also faced data loss problem. next time i will apply your points may be i can save our lots of mobile data,
    Keep it up bro….

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