Top 10 Best Streaming Websites to Watch Movies Online

Best Streaming Websites to Watch Movies Online

Having difficulty finding the best streaming websites to watch movies online. We are here with an article on the list of the best streaming websites to watch movies online for you to choose the best one according to your preferences and requirement.

A cable package or a TV is no more a prerequisite to enjoying great TV shows at your convenience and leisure.  The internet in general, with websites like 123movies and Putlocker, now offers movie lovers the avenue to stream their favorite online shows right from the comfort of their sofa.  Just connect your device to the TV and watch away.

Streaming can be cool; if you know the right place on the internet to get your favorite content.  Over time, the task of getting these “right places” has always been daunting, especially with the advent of several scam sites on the internet, some of which demand that visitors do a survey or pay a special fee before streaming content.  Others will end up loading viruses onto the computer of the user.

Among the pack, Netflix has proven to be the only reasonably safe option when it comes to the offline download of TV shows and similar programs.  However, in this piece, we will be introducing other top streaming websites like 123movies and Putlocker, thus giving you more options and better satisfaction in your quest to stream great TV shows and programs online. Let’s go!

1.) 123Movieshub

With the status of being one of the most reputable streaming websites out there, 123movieshub boasts more than 10,000 movies and TV shows collection – all of high quality. Unlike YouTube or Hulu, all 123movieshub contents come without TV ads, thus providing users with a seamless streaming experience and maximum viewing pleasure.

2.) Putlocker

The only reason Putlocker is coming second to 123movieshub is the few advert popups that users may experience while streaming content on the website.  The ads apart, Putlocker is one of the best streaming servers out there, and it offers users fantastic high-speed buffering and excellent quality.  Perhaps, its bigger movies and TV shows collection are the only reasons it is better than 123movies. Putlocker, apart from being the longest-serving streaming website on the internet, also offers its users a nice collection of anime and other kinds of shows.

3.) Flenix

This website is relatively unpopular among the streaming audience.  However, it is making this list due to its smooth look and feel, thus making it intuitive enough to use for any user.  Flenix offers a rich collection of more than 12,000 movies, alongside a user-friendly website.

4.) Fmovies

This website came almost after 123movies and had always aimed to be a leader among the pack.  Its rise to the top was mainly due to its fast and consistent streaming servers, which ensure users can stream with great speed and with consistency all day.  Fmovies currently has over a million users streaming from the website.

5.) Gomovies

You know 123movies once changed its name to gomovies, right? Well, after the rebranding, gomovies have risen through the ranks to become a trusted provider of streaming content of great quantity and quality.  Users can access over 15000 movies and TV shows, without having to signup, download, or do a survey.  Once you have an ad blocker installed, you are good to go.

6.) Solarmovie

Solarmovie has been around as far back as the Putlokcer era, and it is known for great content, a user-friendly interface, and a high degree of freedom.  On Solarmovie, users can add links and share links to streaming content, thus making the website a community of users.

7.) Cartoonhd

Cartoon HD is relatively new, although it is making this list due to the ad-less website and fast streaming servers.  The website has a great collection of movies also, and it is straightforward to use.  It is a worthy addition to the list, and thus should be checked out.

In addition to these seven websites, here are some honorable mentions.  Although these websites may require you to pay a fee, the pricing is usually affordable, and they offer great content.

8.) Crackle

Crackle offers movies and also full episodes of your favorite TV shows.  Users are allowed to create unique watchlists that help them keep track of all their previously-watched shows.  The website is free and accessible across different platforms, including the free Crackle mobile app.

9.) Tubi

Tubi also makes this list as an online TV world that operates via authorized license agreements.  Users can access movies at no cost and can watch their favorite movies and shows without having to create an account.

10.) Netflix

Usually dubbed “the best streaming service” on the internet, Netflix comes with a cost.  In the case where your desired movie or show is not available on websites highlighted from #1 to #7, Netflix is the right place to check.


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