Top 10 Mobile Apps for EBooks

Mobile Apps for EBooks

There is a whole generation of bibliophiles out there who do not have stacks of hardbound books at their place. These modern book lovers are always seen peering into their kindle reader, I-phone or android phones reading a latest romance novel, a riveting detective story or their favorite classic. E book apps make reading on the mobile phone an enjoyable pursuit. So here is a list of top 10 mobile apps for Ebooks.

Top 10 Mobile Apps for EBooks
Top 10 Mobile Apps for EBooks

1)      The B & N App

This is a completely free app provided by giant book publisher and book seller Barns and Noble. Once you install this app in your I Phone then you will get 5 free popular classic e books and a good copy of Webster’s Pocket Dictionary. You can download whatever titles you want from the Barns and Noble site.

2)      The E-Reader App

The capacity to modify the color of the background and change the size, color and shape of text is available in the e-reader app. There is an amazing non ink based e display with a glamorised wow factor which will instantly catch your eye. This app is available for free in the e reader app store which is owned and operated by Fictionwise.

3)      The Stanza app

Stanza is a clever e-reader app which has access to all the 50,000 e books which are available in Feed books and Project Gutenberg. This app is owned by Amazon and it gives you the facility of swiping your finger across the page to turn it. This is the nearest you can get to the real paper book experience. You can even make the background black and the text white therefore allowing you to read in the dark.

4)      Wattpad

The Wattpad is a popular app with more than 4 million downloads. However it is only available for I phone users and cannot be used on Android or Window’s phones. The system on Wattpad is a platform for publishing too which means that you can publish your novels, poetry and essays and read reviews posted by other users when they read them.

5)      Kobo App

The Kobo App is probably the most good looking e library that you are to come across. There is glossy yet user friendly and easy to operate interface which makes operating the app easy. The front page of the app contains information about latest sales and news of current published books. This is the perfect app for the casual reader.

6)      ICDL App

Give your kids a better alternative at bed time for your kids than violent video games or noisy cartoons. The ICDL or the International Children Digital Library has a good stock of internationally sourced children’s books which can be read in a child friendly way with added illustrations and moving images. This app is also promised to I-phone in future.

7)      Amazon Kindle Fire

The Kindle app is the natural descendant of the Amazon Kindle Fire. You install the app on your android phone and read hundreds of books on the go. The Kindle App lets users experience the same level of features and functions that attracted e book readers towards Kindle. In Case you want to buy a Kindle in India, you can check the discounts here for more offer and deal visit

8)      Adiko Book

Adiko Book reader allows you to catch great deals and offers on books by your favorite retailers. Books are available in PDF format

9)      Cool Reader

Cool Reader is an app which gives support to most formats and has inbuilt text support, dictionary and font support.

10)   Nook

There is no added hassle of carrying the dog eared copy of book everywhere; the Nook app on phone itself will stock hundreds of titles. E book readership has increased by 35% after the introduction of this amazing android e book app.

Flipkart also recently launched their mobile app, however it does not provide support for ebooks, and we hope to see that soon.

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  1. Very nice article Vishal.
    A very good list of apps for Ebooks. I am not addicted Ebook Reader so I was not aware of these apps. But this article gave me a good idea of top apps which I should use to read Ebooks.
    Thanks Vishal for sharing 🙂

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