Top 5 Secret iOS 8 Features Apple Fans Should To Know

Secret iOS 8 Features

We have been on the main roundup of iOS 8 and focused on the major changes in this new operating system by Apple. We highlighted the top 5 secret iOS 8 features which are the small refinements into this new operating system. iOS 8 released last year in September and before getting its master release, it went in through 5 developer beta versions. With a lot of features including battery management, full raft of tweaks, extensions, widgets and much more, Apple released iOS 8.

The latest version of Apple operating system iOS 8 powers up the iDevices effectively. Apple has managed to load it with unique features but few of them are still secret ones from the users. Many users are still on a look out for amazing features offered by Apple in iOS 8 which made us write about the same in this article. We can simply say that the redesign of iOS 7 as iOS 8 is one of the major developments of the year 2014 which made Apple in the top charts in the year 2015 as well.

Secret iOS 8 features

ios 8 features

Safari Credit Card Scanning

Users can open any shopping webpage through the mobile internet and shop by filling in the details of the credit card. It will automatically shows up an option of Safari Credit Card Scanning. Tap in to click the picture of the same and it will give a Safari key for filling in the details.

Battery Usage by App

Battery draining remains the biggest issue among the smartphone users and now iOS can let users know about the Battery Usage by the App. Users can view the battery draining in the settings app easily.

Wi-Fi Phone Calls

The new iOS 8 offer the suers with Wi-Fi Phone calls which allow them calling on any number when connects over to a Wi-Fi network. This feature is quite handy even when the signal is low.

Time-Lapse Camera Mode

iPhone Camera has been always lacking in few advanced features but with exposure control as well as time-lapse control, it showed users a great change. Users can control the exposure as well as time-lapse control easily.

Hide Images in Photos App

Users can view photos in a zoom out view so that it can view multiple pictures. Tap on the photos to hide them from the Photos App. The hidden photos will be visible in the Album view but will remain invisible from the Collections, Moments and Years views.

With the new operating system by Apple iOS 8, it has improved interactive notifications with keyboard options which further improve the mobile experience. It does include monitoring the battery, swipe keyboard, selfie camera timer along with homescreen in a landscape alignment. It has even enhanced sharing photos as well as videos with a feature to swipe in for deleting the messages or notifications.

These are the top 5 secret iOS 8 features which many people could not able to point out. If you are aware about any more such iOS 8 secrets, let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Vishal thanks for making me know the best secret iOS features. I think that many of my friends are fans of iOS just because of these amazing features. Wi-Fi phone calling mode is something which can be very useful. I don’t know that whether this type of feature is available in any Android smartphone. So Vishal which feature you find to be the best one?

  2. Hi Vishal,

    Interesting post about IOS features, Most of people love IOS due to their amazing features. Thanks to share this post.

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  3. After reading this post only one words comes out from my mouth that is “WoW”. This post has helps me to acquire some new knowledge. So thanks for sharing your valuable ideas with us.

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