How To Transfer Messages and Music From iPhone To Computer

Transfer Messages and Music From iPhone To Computer

If there are multiple iOS devices available at hands, users may take notice that it is not easy for them to share the data such as images, contacts, and messages among these devices under iOS system. Bluetooth function is useless to take up such tasks. At the same time, users will find that there is no suitable file manager tool at all to manage this procedure. In this case, users have no choice so as to share the contents of information between these devices via emails. But for these two devices that are placed so close while are unable to communicate with each other but emails, users feel very frustrated about it. Therefore, the best solution Coolmsuter iPhone to Mac transfer for users with its powerful functions in data transferring.  It can directly transfer messages and music from iPhone to computer  without iTunes.


This program supports all formats on the devices that they are transferring between iOS and Mac including Mp3 and PDF. Moreover, Coolmuster iPhone to Mac transfer supports text messages transferring between these two kinds devices. As usual, the program should be downloaded on the Mac computer, and then connect iPhone to Mac computer via USB cable. The iPhone modes are displayed in the list of the menu so as to select the responding one by users, for example, iPhone 4, iPhone 5 or iPad. During the transferring processing, company states should not be set in sleeping or standing by.

There are two ways for users to transferring text messages form iPhone to Mac. One is to direct transferring message after the communication runs well between them.

ipod-musicAnother is to transfer files from the copy one from iTunes. As we know, there is copy function in iTunes, which means that all data can be copied entirely in the iTunes by sync. Each operation on the iPhone can be done by the copy file from iTunes. For example, iPhone users can select target file form iTune and then click the transfer icons. The file will be transferred to Mac computer. At the mean time, iPhone can upgrade massages during the sync with iTunes. The files received from transferring can be automatically saved in the file storage disc. Users are unable to obtain the files from iPhone until they open the files in “share files” manually to preview and send to the supposed flash disc or hard disc. It cssan also allowed user to transfer music from iPhone to Mac computer.

 The procedure of the transferring between iPhone and Mac seems more complex than other system as there are more detailed sub functions in the program menu. In “my mobile”, the text messages can be selected based on the file name or the partitions address to specify the exact scope of scanning. And then the type of the formats needs to be selected accordingly. Furthermore, users can select different function by individual transferring or group transferring. There is advantage for Coolmuster data transfer used in the Mac computer.  The speed in transferring large volume files from iPhone to Mac is much faster than transferring between other operation systems

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