What is a Runtime Error?

What is a runtime error

A runtime error refers to problems with starting an application or program and could stop you from using your PC the way you’d like to. Sometimes these errors disappear on their own, while at other times, you must take action to fix them. In other words, runtime errors are issues with the launching of software. They differ from other types of errors commonly seen once a program or application is already running. Most runtime errors occur at the onset when you first try launching a particular application.

What is a runtime error?

Runtime errors usually appear as small windows with an error code and details about the affected application. A suggestion asking you to contact an IT administrator or a support team usually follows.

What Causes Runtime Errors?

Depending on the program affected, various reasons might cause a runtime error. For example, the software’s program may have a bug that its programmers weren’t able to fix. It could also occur as a result of the application or program lacking memory or other resources required for it to run properly.

How Do You Fix a Runtime Error?

What is a runtime error?

You can fix a runtime error using broad methods that work for numerous applications, or it might need a more specific approach. Below are a few ways to fix runtime error issues.

  1. Restarting your PC
  2. Closing down other applications
  3. Running the application in Safe Mode
  4. Updating the program
  5. Reinstalling the application
  6. Updating your drivers
  7. Scanning your system for malware
  8. Ensuring you have adequate storage and memory

Bottom Line

If all the above ways fail, you can try checking if others are experiencing the same problem Social networks, or the program’s official forums can be of great help here. They may recommend a way to fix the specific application. You can also contact the developers of the application to see if they can provide a solution to your runtime error.

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