What is Acresso Software Manager and how to uninstall it?

What is Acresso Software Manager and how to uninstall it

You might be browsing around normally in your Windows 7/8/10 PC and obtain errors like “The following applications are using files that require to be updated by this setup.you can close these applications then click on Retry to continue. you may possibly wonder what’s Acresso software manager and what does it do on my computer? Is it safe to get rid of it? How can i remove it?  Don’t worry, we’ll answer all of your questions during this post.

#What is the Acresso Software manager?

Acresso software manager runs within the background of Windows and automatically starts up when your PC boots. It checks and automatically downloads and installs software updates if found. it’s installed when Nuance PDF Reader is installed on your system. So, there are high chances that it got installed once you installed nuance pdf reader on your system. It is often found on your pc or laptop also and mostly by the name of isuspm.exe. it’s developed by Acresso Software Inc.

You won’t be recieving a choice to choose whether to put in Software Manager alongside Nuance PDF reader or not. without your notice it’ll be installed. you’ll find this software manager with isuspm.exe name in applications. Interestingly, I couldn’t find anything about Acresso Software Manager or any third party installation information within the license agreement while installing Nuance PDF Reader.

#Is Acresso Software Manager safe to Keep?

There is absolutely no harm to keep Acresso Software Manager in your Windows Laptop. It only checks for software updates and installs automatically if found any. It runs within the background and there could be an opportunity that it’s running on your laptop for an extended time when Nuance PDF Reader is installed.

But as mentioned earlier, this process consumes high CPU time hence sometimes it’d cause system lag. As a short-lived solution, you’ll find the method ID of Software Manager and kill it. If you would like to get rid of it permanently, you’ll follow any of the below-mentioned solutions.

#Should you remove it from your computer?

Yes, there’s no harm involved in it because it is simply a file that just checks for updates in Acresso software like nuance pdf reader, etc. Hence, you’ll easily remove it and it’s perfectly safe to get rid of it.

#How to Remove Acresso Software Manager?

Have you checked in ‘Uninstall a Program‘ to get rid of Software Manager or Flexnet? I’m sure you weren’t ready to find any software with ‘Acresso Software Manager’s name. There are few ways using which you’ll easily remove it from your laptop.

We will assist you with this and list all the choices on how you’ll uninstall or remove it completely from your PC or Laptop.

#Remove Acresso Software Manager – Method 1

As the main culprit for installing Acresso Software Manager on your PC is Nuance PDF Reader, uninstalling this is able to solve the matter and completely removes it also. Here is that the step by step guide How you’ll do this.

Step 1: Open your Windows Laptop

Step 2: look for ‘Uninstall a program‘ and navigate thereto window where you’ll see an inventory of all the installed software on your laptop.

Step 3: Find ‘Nuance PDF Reader‘ or ‘Nuance Power PDF Advanced‘ software therein list

Step 4: Right-click thereon and you’ll find a choice to uninstall

follow this method to remove Software Manager completely from your Windows laptop ,If you don’t want to use Nuance PDF Reader.

#Remove Acresso Software Manager – Method 2

If You need Nuance PDF Reader, follow this method to remove Acresso Software Manager temporarily.

Step 1: Open the Nuance PDF Reader in your Windows Laptop

Step 2: attend the ‘Help‘ section on the highest menu as shown within the below image.

Step 3: Choose ‘Nuance on the Web‘ option

Step 4: Uncheck the ‘Automatic Web Update‘ option.

Voila! From now on, it will not check the updates and automatically installs without your notice.

Common Problems you face with Acresso Software Manager

-1 Pop up window with a message asking you to shut ‘Acresso Software Manager‘ while installing the other applications.

-2 It will display a mistake message sometimes when there’s no internet connectivity

-3 Slows down the performance of the laptop through consuming CPU percentage while running on the background.

#Acresso Software Manager – Conclusion

I hope you bought a transparent picture of what’s Acresso software manager and why it’s installed onto your laptop without you explicitly installing it. there’s absolutely no harm to keep it or Flexnet or isuspm.exe. it’s not an epidemic and there are not any issues reported with this piece of software. It just helps the software you installed with checking for the updated versions on the regular intervals of your time in order that you’ll not miss any important software updates.

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