What Is the Difference Between A Class II and A Class III in Slots?

Difference Between A Class II and A Class III in Slots

Slots are generally available to the adult public in licensed offline casinos, taverns, clubs, online casinos, and other gaming facilities. However, we find it quite funny that many adult gamblers and gamers – some may even call themselves veteran gamblers or expert gamers – cannot differentiate one slot machine from the other, believing all are the same – click here.

Difference Between A Class II and A Class III in Slots

Admittedly, the fact that all slot machines look the same physically and use the same style of reels and graphics can be quite misleading. Nonetheless, by mere legal regulation, there are what are called CLASS II slot machines and CLASS III slot machines with differences only perceptible with an informed examination of both machines.

For instance, looking at the signage in the gaming facility. This write-up is going to open the minds of gamers and gamblers on how to know their slot machines.

Class II Slot

By the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988, Class II slot is the game of chance commonly known as bingo, pull-tabs, lotto, punch boards, tip jars, instant bingo, and other games similar to bingo. Class II slot is similar to lottery scratch cards or tickets except that a handle is being pulled, not scratched. Class II slot is known basically to be pre-programmed, having a pre-specified number winning of tickets amongst a larger bunch. So when you pull the slot handle, your wins or losses are already predetermined, and the reel is just a feedback monitor.

Class III Slot

Maybe because it is not as common as its counterparts, but the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988 only describes a Class III slot as all forms of gaming that are not Class I or Class II gaming. The tricky thing most gamers do not know about slots is that only Class III slot is allowed by law to be strictly called “Slot Machine”; others (including Class II slot) are called names like “Bingo Liners” or “Video Lottery Terminals”. Shocking! Right?

Well, not for Casinos or Gaming facilities because they know this truth, and that is why wherever the signage reads “Slot Machine”, you are dealing with a Class III Slot. Gambling folks call the Class III slot “Vegas Style” slot machines, and of course, they are majorly found in the large casinos and gaming facilities of Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and so on.

Differences Between Class II Slot and Class III Slot

1.It is self-regulated, that is, regulated by the Casino or Gaming Facility itself.It is subject to rigorous testing by third parties and the approval of government organizations.
2.It is pre-programmed: the number of winning tickets in the larger bunch is already pre-specified.It runs on a Random Number Generator (RNG): a program that generates random possible numbers when you hit the spin button.
3.Given the way it is programmed, there are relatively lower chances of success.There are relatively higher chances of success; you can even win a jackpot successively.
4.It is very prone to manipulation by the gaming house.The tendency to be manipulated is very low.
5.The revenue generated is tax-free.Revenue generated is usually subject to tax.
6.Otherwise called Bingo Liner or Video Lottery Terminal.Strictly called Slot Machine.

Now you know your Slots, wager wisely!!!

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