What is the meaning of Slot Betways?

Slot Betways

Slots are some of the most readily available and accessible games out there. Any potential player is only a couple of steps away from betting. Normally, all you have to do is create an account with a casino and you are good to go. Slots are easy to play and there aren’t a lot of strategies involved, so anyone can enjoy the fun that is offered through this popular game.

But when you first try out wizardslots, you might need an explanation for some aspects of it. You might not be clued up on terms like RTP, variance, or betways. Do not worry, we are here to explain this lingo in simple and easy-to-grasp terms. In this article, we focus on slots betways.

What are the Betways?

To win in slots, there have to be matching symbols that land in a specific “shape”, or a specific order, on the reels. Easy right? Everyone knows that’s how you score wins on slots. These “shapes”, or rather lines in which the winning symbols land, are called betways, win lines, pay lines, or simply lines. They can be straight, curving, zigzagging, or diagonal – there is plenty of variety.

Betways differ greatly between slots. Today’s market is made up of hundreds upon hundreds of slot games and no two are the same. Some games have 3 reels (these are called the classic, or old-fashioned slots), most of them have 5 reels, and some of them have 4 or 6 reels. Due to these differences in layout, betways are also going to be different in every slot that you play.

  • Betways/pay lines are the specific lines in which matching symbols have to land for you to win.
  • Every game has a different number and different kinds of betways.
  • In theory, more betways mean a higher chance of scoring regular wins. Fewer betways means that you might win less often but these wins will be bigger.

The way this works is that your bet is divided into equal parts to be placed on every individual pay line. For example, if you bet £2 on 20 pay lines, then you’re effectively betting £0.1 on every pay line. In case there are only 5 pay lines, your £2 bet equals £0.4 on every betway.

What are the different kinds of betways?

Now you know that every game has different numbers of betways and what that means for the player. Let’s look at the different kinds of betways found across slot games:

  • Fixed paylines/betways – this means that the amount of betways in the game is unchangeable. No matter how big or small your stake is, you’ll always be playing to score the same winning patterns.
  • Adjustable paylines/betways – if the game has this kind of win lines, they can be adjusted to suit the player. For example, you could have a choice of playing on 5 pay lines, 10 pay lines, 15 lines, and so on.
  • All ways – this is a type of slot game where pay lines run both from left to right and from right to left, as opposed to the regular left-to-right system.
  • Megaways – yet another type of slot where we have 6 reels with varying amounts of symbols/rows on each one. Every reel can have from 2 to 7 rows, the more rows/symbols, the more active betways there are. At its maximum potential, a Megaways game has 117’649 betways!


Choose a slot game by its betways. You’ll want to pay attention to how many betways/pay lines a game has; whether they are fixed, adjustable, all ways, or Megaways. Remember that fewer betways mean bigger prizes and more betways equate to more frequent prizes.

Gamble responsibly and we wish you huge wins!

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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