What is unsecapp.exe? How to Remove the unsecapp.exe Virus?


Unsecapp.exe is derived from Universal Sink to Receive Callbacks from Applications; a subsystem in Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) that receives asynchronous callbacks. It is a facilitator of the communication link between your PC programs to a remote server. However, the program can appear as an error, especially when your PC runs antivirus software.


Windows users experience many errors that pop up from nowhere, slagging their PC because they use up too much memory. The CPU might also overheat due to the use of too much power. These issues might often occur, causing inconveniences with various programs. 

Although any software does not often use the program, errors associated with it can display anytime and mess up your device. WMI consists of supporting extensions that help to manage the operations of the Windows Operating System(WOS).

How to Remove the Unsecapp.exe Virus

Is unsecapp.exe a Virus? Although unescape is a legit software from Microsoft, malware developers disguise viruses or computer worms in the same file name to pass undetected, especially in the Windows C drive. However, if you acquired your unescape program elsewhere, you need to thoroughly scan it for malware and then delete it to avoid infecting your PC and losing data.

Search your System32 folder to determine if the unescape extension file is genuine from the Windows search box. If the file is elsewhere not in the System 32 folder, you could be dealing with a virus. Please don’t fret, but first backup your files to avoid losing them, then run a virus scan. The results will confirm your fears or clear them. Delete the file if it is anything other than the legit program.

System32 is also known as ‘C:\Windows\System32\wbem, ‘ and is the only place where unescape should be located. Finding it in another location is reason enough to believe that your PC is compromised with a virus. Therefore, you should scan for viruses and delete the folder. Also, you can right-click on the file from wherever it is and select Open File Location. If it is not under the System32 folder, then delete it immediately.

Do Not Disable the Program

Disabling unescape is not recommended because it will tamper with the regular Windows OS function in some programs. If the service is unavailable, your computer might not be able to use WMI when needed, resulting in WOS malfunctions.

Besides affecting standard Windows functions, it will also impede the functionality of third-party programs configured to WMI. Forget about disabling the service program. It is a very crucial part of your PC.

The file is also known as ‘Universal Sink,’ and it is involved in the core functions of Windows, like receiving callbacks from other apps on Windows. It is an executable file, and that’s why it comes with the .exe extension. The program receives callbacks from other apps on WOS. If you insist on stopping its operations, launch Task Manager by simultaneously pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC.  

Alternatively, right-click on your taskbar to find the same option, select it, scroll down to the program and click on it. At the bottom to the right is the tab End Task. Tap it, and the program will stop temporarily. However, it will run when you restart your PC or install a program that needs it to function. 


Unsecapp.exe is a program that is preinstalled on windows as a legit Dynamic Link Library(DLL) file. Its principal role is to send back communication to apps that may not be authorized to use the DCOM service, and Microsoft .NET and other third-party programs highly depend on it. In simple language, the communication between your computer and other devices is facilitated by this program.

As mentioned earlier, hackers and malware developers can disguise viruses to appear like this program and trick unsuspecting users. The file is located under System32, and if you find it elsewhere, please delete it. If you get an error bearing its name, you can temporarily disable the file, but it will run anytime a program needs it or restart your PC.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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