Windows Updates Not Downloading In Windows 10 [Issue Solved]

Windows Updates Not Downloading In Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest operating system that is developed by Microsoft. There are a lot of new updates are coming in Windows 10 every month. Lots of people are getting an Update stuck problem. When You Install Windows 10, you need to download and install its updates, and when you start the update, it downloads, and at a particular point, it stops,s and the update stuck. In this article, I tell you how to solve this problem. The Problem is not big, and it can be easily solved, and I show the steps simply. First Wait for half an hour and you still got stuck with the downloading, and then you followed my steps. The Steps are very simple and easy, so you can easily do this.

windows updates not downloading

Windows Updates Not Downloading In Windows 10

Step 1: First, you stopped your update.

Step 2: To top your Update, go to Windows Menu and open Command Prompt by “Run as Admin” and then type these letters and hit enter.

net stop wuauserv

net stop bits

Step 3: This Method stop your all updates.

Step 4: Then Go to C:\Widnows\SoftwareDistribution. Select Ctrl+A to select all files and Folder and then Delete all.

Step 5: If you are getting any error by deleting the files, it is because the files are running in the background. So restart your PC and then again run the commands and then delete the files.

Step 6: Finally, restart your PC or you can run this command on the command prompt and restart all your updates.

net start wuauserv

net start bits

there is a simple and easiest method to do this trick, and I am sure that you will never get a problem by doing this trick.

Note: Restart the PC after the completion of the trick.

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Final Words!

I hope your issue is solved after reading my article. I got windows to update the stuck issue on my pc many times and I always do the above method.

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