WordPress Tutorial The Beginners Guide

WordPress Tutorial The Beginners Guide

Hello friends, today everyone know about WordPress and every one make his/her blog in WP. But for beginners, it’s a difficult to understand WP for blogging. But don’t worry about it this is my new fully guide to learn WordPress by my WordPress tutorial: The beginners guide. In this guide you can find small to big things. Like how you can delete your spam comment instantly, add awesome plugins and best think make your own CSS and apply on your blog post. This is my favorite to make own CSS style and use it in you WP blog post 🙂

I got many email in my Email inbox and all newbie bloggers say that he/she does not understand WP and they started again blogger account. After it make this post for your help.

Wordpress-tutorial--the Beginners-Guide

We cover This Topics In beginners guide to wordpress :

 Tutorial #1: Remove All Spam Comments:

  • First login to your wordpress account
  • Go to comments
  • Now click on spam option
  • Now you can see this option “Empty Spam” click on and all comments are deleted in 1 min.

 Tutorial #2: Add Custom Button in Post:

  • First download Forget About Shortcode Buttons
  • After download install it on you WP blog
  • Now open you post and you can see this icon in your post editor.
  • Use it and add awesome button with icon.

You watch this below video too see how to use it –

 Tutorial #3: Add Facebook Fan page Popup lightbox:

This is very important for blog to increase your Facebook fan page likes by lightbox. Every user see this box when they reach on your blog. If you need this FB Popup Lightbox click on below link.

Read More: Add Facebook Fan Page Popup LightBox

 Tutorial #4: Add color Box Using CSS:

  • Navigate into Appearance and click on  Edit CSS
  • Now you can add custom CSS style in this editor.
  • Now just copy this code and enter In editor.


.box {

width: 657px;

padding: 20px;

background-color: #9BDB69;

border: 1px solid #ffe875;

margin: 0;


  • Now click on Save Stylesheet
  • Now go to you post editor and in <Div> tag you called this stylesheet directly
Note: You can change color of you color box by changing background-color: #9BDB69 (Replace HTML color code)

If you don’t know CSS and how you add <div> and where? Just see below video and you understand easily.

 Tutorial #5: Add Shadow Box Effect In Image:

  • Navigate to appearance and click on edit CSS
  • Now add below code in this CSS editor and you can add this code in your color box code also to add shadow in your color box.


.light_Shadow {

border-color: #5px solid #246A83;

box-shadow: 0 0 10px #97BFD9;


  • Now save this style sheet and use this code in your post
Note: You can change shadow Pixel by changing the value of box-shadow: 0 0 10px #97BFD9 (Replace the 10px to your pixel size)

Final Words!

This is my basic Tutorial guide on wordpress tutorial the beginners guide. I hope you enjoy it and it helps you to better understand. This is very easy tricky tricks for beginners.

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  1. Very interesting and useful tutorial for every new WordPress blogger.
    A must visit page for every beginner.

    Thanks for sharing at Klinkk, Vishal.

  2. Hey vishal fulwani,
    Really you have listed very useful WordPress stuffs in your article, I recommend akismet WordPress plugin for fight against the all spam comments.

  3. Thank you Vishal for giving valuable information on WordPress.

    I also started Blogging recently and wanted to shift to WordPress. Your videos and steps are very helpful for me.

    I hope your article will help other bloggers to shift to WordPress like me. I will also suggest this article to others to know more about WordPress.

    Keep writing such articles.

    1. Hey Lakhan,
      Thank you for feedback, And if you want to start your new WP blog Go on my page “wordpress free setup”. Its a free service with lots of benefits.

  4. Was thinking of using WordPress for my next blog so have bookmarked this page. Thank you, Anna

  5. Awesome post,
    I am kind of new to your blog, but the blog has some seriously nice stuff that I found very interesting as well as informative.
    Keep up the good work!

  6. Hi Vishal,

    Great video about creation of box on WordPress and I learned a new trick today and made my WordPress post appear beautiful with the inclusion of a colored box!! This, in spite of the fact that I am totally averse to coding! The tutorial is great but the background music could have been avoided as it downs your voice and I could not catch a few words. I hope you will consider this point when you make future videos. Thank you for this wonderful tutorial. Very helpful. Cheers 🙂

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