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Yahoo! has always been a fundamental part of the routine commute of internet users all across the world. Although the platform is not as widespread now as it once used to be, Yahoo has provided users with everything it was made to do. Be it e-mails or chatting, Yahoo! has always been there!

Yahoo Chat Rooms used to be the most prominent platform for online chatting almost a decade ago. It was a prevalent platform across the world. In this article, we will explain what Yahoo! Messenger is and if Yahoo Chat Rooms is still available.

What Was Yahoo! Messenger?

Yahoo! the Messenger, also abbreviated as Y!M, was a prompt chatting client made by Yahoo!. Yahoo! Messenger was provided for free across the world, however, the platform was advertisement-supported. Yahoo! Messenger could be accessed with a Yahoo! account, which also provided users with access to Yahoo! Mail. Moreover, the platform also provided services, such as VoIP, file sharing, video streaming, chat rooms, and much more.

Yahoo! Messenger, which was a part of Yahoo Chat before, was released on 9th March 1998 as Yahoo! Pager. It was acknowledged as Yahoo! Messenger only a year after its release. Unfortunately, the platform was shut down in 2012. However, a recent Yahoo! Messenger debuted in 2015, but the service was shut down completely on 17th July 2018. It was then surpassed with a new platform, Yahoo! Together. But, that was also removed in 2019.

Evolution Of Yahoo! Chat Rooms

Yahoo Chat Rooms was first released on 7th January 1997. Back then, it was merely a public chat room platform. In 1998, the first public version of Yahoo! Chat Room, known as Yahoo! Pager, was released, which included Yahoo! Chat Room as a part of it. Since Yahoo! Pager could do much more than just send and receive messages, it was met with recognition from users across the world.

In 1999, Yahoo! Pager was renamed Yahoo! Messenger, and that was when it became imminent. Yahoo! Messenger was more than just a communication service; it was a platform to meet strangers and befriend people from across the world. However, many users were distressed when Yahoo! Messenger finally shut down in 2015.

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Suspension Of Yahoo! Messenger

In 2012, the “OG” Yahoo! Messenger was suspended. Yahoo!’s justification for this decision was to promote other Yahoo! services that were not receiving enough spotlight. In 2015, another Yahoo! Messenger was released, which was newer and more sophisticated. However, it wasn’t met with much success and had to also be suspended. On 17th July 2018, Yahoo! Messenger was completely terminated with no more Yahoo! Chat Room services for anyone.

Although, the company did attempt to revive the franchise with the release of Yahoo! Together, which had somewhat of the same features as Yahoo! Messenger, the same year. However, that too was terminated on 4th April 2019. And, this marked the end of Yahoo! Messenger altogether!

Who Are The Successors Of Yahoo! Messenger?

Over the years, many platforms have risen to prominence for their services. While Yahoo! Messenger remains dear to many people across the world, it may never come back. So, it is better to move on to available platforms, such as WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat, etc. All of these services might not be similar to Yahoo! Messenger, but they do serve the same purpose and do even more than just messaging and sharing files.


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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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