Yourphone.exe Windows 10 Process- What it is?

Yourphone.exe Windows 10 Process- What it is?

Last year, Microsoft launched the Your Phone app for Windows 10 users so Android and iPhone users can sync their devices with their computers. The app has great potential, but it’s still under development and not always working because it should.

If you see YourPhone.exe process on your computer, it’s your Microsoft Your Phone application. It runs within the background to remain in sync together with your mobile device. However, if you do not use the app an excessive amount of or if you do not want to use it thanks to performance issues, you’ll delete it from your computer.

Since the program, YourPhone.exe must keep sending any notification on the phone to desktop the method is kept running in the least times. Using this for Microsoft apps, you’ll continue where you left on the phone. So as you retain linking apps, the higher the experience – provided you’re using an equivalent Microsoft account both on the phone, and therefore the computer.

The process keeps running within the background and sometimes shows abreast of within the task manager. That said if the program worries you, and you are doing not want it, there are ways to urge obviate it.

Yourphone.exe Windows 10 Process- What it is?

Some users have wondered what the YourPhone.exe process is in Windows 10. That is, as some might now guess, a Your Phone process that sends notifications from mobiles to Windows desktops. Rest assured, it isn’t usually a suspicious program.

#What does YourPhone.exe neutralize Windows 10?

YourPhone.exe may be a background process of an app called Your Phone app. it’s a built-in UWP app in Windows 10 recently introduced by Microsoft to permit syncing of files and data between PC and mobile devices. It allows you to transfer pictures, videos, texts, calls, contacts, emails, and other data from your smartphone to your Windows 10 computer, or the other way around.

#Is YourPhone.exe process safe? Can it be a virus?

Just as mentioned before, YourPhone.exe may be a legit process from a Microsoft built-in app. It is, in most cases, a secure process. However, any malware or virus can still disguise itself to possess an equivalent name as YourPhone.exe. Though it’s going to be very rare, it’s best that you simply have an antivirus software protecting your PC.

#How to disable and stop the YourPhone.exe process from running again

If you insist to disable the app and stop the YourPhone.exe process from ever running again, here’s the way to roll in the hay.

Go to the beginning menu and sort Windows PowerShell.

Right-click Windows PowerShell from the search result and click on Run as administrator.

In the PowerShell, enter the subsequent command. Then, hit the Enter key to execute.

Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.YourPhone -AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage

YourPhone.exe uninstall remove disable

This command will completely uninstall the Your Phone app and its relevant background process – YourPhone.exe, from your Windows 10 system. After removing the app, on your next restart, the YourPhone.exe process will not appear within the task manager.

Alternatively, you’ll stop only the YourPhone.exe process from running within the background without uninstalling the whole Your Phone app. Here’s the way to roll in the hay.

-1 Go to Settings app (search settings within the start menu).

-2 Select Privacy.

-3 On the left panel, scroll down and click on Background apps.

-4 Under Choose which apps can run within the background, search for Your Phone and click on the toggle to modify it Off.

-5 Restart your PC.

Yourphone.exe Windows 10 Process- What it is

#How to close up the YourPhone.exe Process

However, YourPhone.exe will waste a touch RAM for users who don’t utilize your phone app. Users can save system resources by turning the YourPhone.exe process off alongside other UWP app processes they don’t need. this is often how users can disable the YourPhone.exe process in Windows 10:

-1 Open Windows 10’s search box by pressing the Windows key + S.

-2 Enter ‘background apps’ within the Type here to look box.

-3 Click Background apps to open Settings as within the snapshot directly below. background apps windows 10 settings

-4 Scroll right down to the Your Phone app.turn off Your Phone app in Windows 10

-5 Toggle the Your Phone option off.

-6 Thereafter, close Settings.

-7 Then restart Windows.

#Remove the YourPhone App

Alternatively, users can uninstall Your Phone to make sure its processes don’t consume system resources. However, users can’t uninstall Your Phone via settings in Windows 10 1903 as it’s a built-in app. Thus, users got to uninstall the app with PowerShell as follows.

Open Cortana’s search box.

Enter the keyword ‘PowerShell’ within the Type here to look box.

Right-click Windows PowerShell to open its context menu, and choose the Run as administrator option.

Thereafter, enter Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.your phone -AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage in PowerShell and press the return .power shell remove your phone app

Restart Windows after uninstalling Your Phone

So, that’s how users can disable the YourPhone.exe process in Windows 10. Users also can close up other UWP app processes much an equivalent to release system resources.

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